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Dashboard Accessibility Roadmap


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CollegeSource, Inc.

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Sept 28, 2020

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Melissa Brooks/User Experience Lead

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Release Timeline

  • - Dec 15, 2020
  • May 2021
  • Sept 2021



Access to the specific issue details in our Issue Tracker requires a Support Center account--request one here.

Issue Number Issue Description Current Status 1 Timeline Available Workarounds and Other Comments
DASH-203 On the Program Matcher Admin page, NVDA cannot read all of the special characters Under Investigation    
DASH-215 High contrast mode buttons need borders so they appear in Windows high contrast mode Planned May 2021  
DASH-312 Magnifying glass buttons in the Audit Comparison Tool are read as "button" in NVDA Planned May 2021  
DASH-314 Need to improve the audit comparisons so they read as a comparison to a screen reader Under Investigation    
DASH-315 When running comparisons, need to indicate to users when audits are running and when they have completed Under Investigation    
DASH-372  Admin area refreshes and loses users focus when selecting an admin category Planned Sept 2021  
DASH-470 NVDA cannot read the characters chosen for Special Syntax and Default Overwritten in the Admin area Planned Sept 2021  
DASH-531 Cannot use keyboard to Enable/Disable Features Planned May 2021  
DASH-533 When tabbing to MicroHelp and press Enter on the keyboard, the pop-up message incorrectly indicates the change was "save" Planned May 2021  
DASH-583 Need to allow for uploading an image and defining its alt text for the logo in Admin area, to be used across all applications Under Investigation    
DASH-792 Home page button - add a parent widget with role of GROUP, MENU, MENUBAR, and MENUITEM Planned May 2021  
DASH-795 Audit Comparison/Run Audits page - Form control has no button element Planned May 2021  
DASH-802 Program Mappings/Select All/Select None - add role to describe user options Scheduled  
DASH-804 Transcript Importer - Clear Date Filter link has low color contrast Scheduled  
DASH-805 Transcript Importer Logs/Search - input field has no label Scheduled  
DASH-806 Transcript Importer Logs/Date Range - input field has no label Scheduled  
DASH-807 Transcript Importer Logs/Entries Shown - dropdown list has no label Scheduled  
DASH-808 Transcript Importer Logs - table has no label Planned May 2021  
DASH-809 Upload Transcripts - input field has no label Scheduled  
DASH-810 Upload Transcripts/Student ID - Change label to reference form control Scheduled  
DASH-811 Transcript Importer/Action Taken - Table has no label Planned May 2021  
DASH-812 Transcript Importer/Action Taken - Selection Box has no proper label Scheduled  
DASH-813 Transcript Importer/Action Taken - columnheader, gridcel, and rowheader have no role Planned May 2021  
DASH-814 Transcript Importer/Action Taken - Sorting by Date and Action Taken have no role Scheduled  
DASH-831 Tools/Audit Comparison/Quick comparison - Student List, Search by Name & Search by ID - these fields have low contrast Scheduled  
DASH-832 Tools/ Audit Comparison/Quick Comparison page - forms are uniquely identified Scheduled  
DASH-835 Quick Comparison results page: Add label to all INPUT fields Scheduled  
DASH-836 Quick Comparison Results/Match Percent Range - change the 'LABEL' with the 'FOR' value to 'stunoSearch' to reference a form control Scheduled  
DASH-841 Audit Comparison page has low color contrast Scheduled  
DASH-849 Compare Previous input checkboxes - add labels to all input boxes Scheduled  
DASH-850 Compare Previous - Input checkbox must have unique ID Scheduled  
DASH-862 Reports/textnodes has low contrast Scheduled  
DASH-907 Report: Batch Based - JobID & Required field - text has low contrast Scheduled  
DASH-910 Reports: On the Audit Completion Check Report - The page doesn't use language code Scheduled  
DASH-938 Audit - WCAG Tables violation - Identify table markup as data or layout Planned May 2021  
DASH-940 Program Mappings>Edit Program Mapping - WCAG Forms violation - label must reference control Scheduled  
DASH-959 On the Audit Completion Check selection page - The jobid dropdown, report type dropdown, and output type radio buttons form controls don't have labels Scheduled  
DASH-974 Planned Course Demand - input/radio button missing label Scheduled  
DASH-1018 Select institution - Continue button does not work when JAWS is turn on (Edge only) Scheduled  

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1  Current Status: 

a. Scheduled = issue has been assigned to a specific release to be resolved

b. Planned = issue has been assigned to a future release, but a specific release number has not yet been assigned

c. Deferred = issue is currently postponed and will not be resolved

d. Under Investigation = issue is under investigation

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