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Transferology Accessibility Roadmap


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CollegeSource, Inc.

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Completion Date

Nov 08, 2018

Contact Name/Title

Melissa Brooks/User Experience Lead

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Release Timeline

  • 1.8.2 - TBD

For a history of accessibility fixes in past releases, see Transferology Accessibility Fixes by Release


Access to the specific issue details in our Issue Tracker requires a Support Center account--request one here.

Issue Number Issue Description Current Status 1 Timeline Available Workarounds and Other Comments
TFO-366 Help overlays are not read by screen readers    
TFO-372 Match List - Zip Code issues    
TFO-784 Need to add additional themes that the user can select and save to their profile   Enhancement allows users to select from different color schemes and save a preferred theme to their profile. Since the alternate profile has a greater color contrast ratio than the default theme, any user experiencing trouble reading the default theme may select a more usable theme.
TFO-1018 NVDA does not read the main page on the green or blue path    
TFO-1023 Need to provide better textual information to a screen reader when filtering by price   The screen reader does read the dollar sign "$" symbol. Although the filter lacks detail, it is usable.
TFO-1239 Most of the boldface text on the Schools Profile is skipped over by NVDA    
TFO-1242 NVDA does not inform the user what the clickable Note icons mean on the Matches page or read the Notes header    
TFO-1529 Tabbing through the FAQ questions gives no indication of the user's focus    
TFO-1530 Standardized Exams and Military Credits tab - Exam and Year text is not read by NVDA    
TFO-1870 When entering the list of programs on a school profile, NVDA reads every single program in a mass list instead of waiting for the user to move to one of the links    
TFO-3328 Several spaces between each video make it indiscernible where the user's keyboard is tabbing to    
TFO-3331 The FAQ question about the differences between the green and blue path contains images that are unreadable by NVDA    
TFO-3334 NVDA struggles to read all of the feedback    
TFO-3398 Home page - very low contrast    
TFO-3399 Contact Us page - very low contrast    
TFO-3400 Privacy Policy - very low contrast    
TFO-3401 Accessibility page - very low contrast    
TFO-3402 Terms of Use page - very low contrast    
TFO-3403 About Transferology page - very low contrast    
TFO-3404 What's New page - very low contrast    
TFO-3405 FAQ page - very low contrast    
TFO-3406 College Employees page - very low contrast    
TFO-3407 Log In page - very low contrast    
TFO-3409 Sign Up For Free page - very low contrast    
TFO-3410 Convert Account page - very low contrast    
TFO-3416 FAQ page - missing alt text    
TFO-3417 Choose an Option page - missing alt text    
TFO-3418 Will My Courses Transfer? - broken ARIA reference    
TFO-3419 Specific School Matches - broken ARIA reference    
TFO-3421 School Profile page - broken ARIA reference    
TFO-3422 uAchieve audit page - broken ARIA reference    
TFO-3423 Find a Replacement Course page - broken ARIA reference    
TFO-3425 Replacement Course matches - broken skip links    
TFO-3426 Course Matches - broken skip links    
TFO-3749 Contact Us page - NVDA reads each of the headers as clickable when they are not    
TFO-3871 Matches page - screen reader issue 1.8.2  
TFO-3879 Home page - video issues 1.8.2  
TFO-4148 Transferology logo on Home page - BANNER landmark is not top-level    
TFO-4149 Home page link - only one BANNER landmark should be allowed per page    
TFO-4150 BANNER landmark must only contain NAVIGATION, REGION, or SEARCH landmarks    
TFO-4151 Login page - landmarks must be uniquely identifiable using proper labels    
TFO-4152 Login page - OL and UL elements must only have grouping role values of directory: group, listbox, menu, menubar, tablist toolbar    
TFO-4153 Logo - A[HREF] elements must only have role values of LINK (default), BUTTON, CHECKBOX, MENUITEM, MENUITEMCHECKBOX, MENUITEMRADIO, TAB, SWITCH, or TREEITEM    
TFO-4154 Show Hints - labels that are unique make it possible for people to understand the different purposes of form controls on the same page    
TFO-4155 Notifications link - labels must be unique    
TFO-4156 "Remove your account" link - low contrast    
TFO-4157 My Courses page - data cells in complex data tables must use HEADERS attribute to identify header cells    
TFO-4158 Course Num/Title/YearTerms/Hours - need proper label for all the cells in the table    
TFO-4159 Reset password - headings must be properly nested    
TFO-4160 Favor button has no label    
TFO-4161 All Filter buttons - forms have no label    
TFO-4162 Need to add roles to Populations and Tuition icons    
TFO-4164 Home page footer - define a BANNER landmark and allow one BANNER per page    
TFO-4165 Manually entered course title box - add roles to event handlers    
TFO-4166 "Select the school you're looking for" pop-up screen - headings must be properly nested on the page    
TFO-4167 Pathway - Campuses button has low contrast    
TFO-4168 The NAVIGATION landmark should not contain BANNER and NAVIGATION    
TFO-4169 Matches/Maybe/Miss/Taken Here - tab, link, and tabpanel labels must be unqiue on the page    
TFO-4170 Notes about transfer rule/spn - low contrast    
TFO-4171 Courses will count for full credit & Notes about transfer rule - link text must describe the link target    
TFO-4172 School Profile/About - add roles to the event handlers    
TFO-4173 Request Information - all content in this page does not have appropriate landmarks    
TFO-4174 Request Information - label for the Program checkbox must be unique on the page    
TFO-4175 Request Information - Program input TEXT must be unique on the page    
TFO-4176 School Program Information page - add a role that describes the user options    
TFO-4177 Pop-up dialog for submitting audit - add text content to BUTTON    
TFO-4178 Pop-up screen displays audit request success or error - move H4 into appropriate landmark; headings must be properly nested on the page    
TFO-4179 ALERTDIALOG for audit request success or error - ARIA values must be valid    
TFO-4180 pnotify stack - custom for running audit success or error: ARIA property or state must be defined    
TFO-4181 Select State and School - form has no button    
TFO-4182 Email Program - headings must be properly nested in the MAIN landmark    


Deferred Issues

Issue Number Issue Description  Current Status 1 Timeline Available Workarounds and Other Comments
TFO-1528 On the FAQ page, the NVDA screen reader skips over the question mark image   Decision was made not to fix this issue.
TFO-1167 On the privacy policy, tabbing to the TransferologyLab logo causes it to shrink to a smaller size   Unable to recreate this issue; will reopen if it becomes a future problem.

When tabbing to Send Results button, there is no indication of the cursor location

  Unable to recreate this issue; will reopen if it becomes a future problem.
TFO-1079 Popular Courses - when user focus leaves the Date Range, the calendar remains open   Unable to recreate this issue; will reopen if it becomes a future problem.
TFO-1044 Find a Replacement Course - cannot use the keyboard to switch the search from Department to Search By Alt Course Or Iflg Instead   Duplicate of TFO-373 - Tabbing on the Find A Replacement Course page completely skips past the Search By Alt Course Or Iflag link
TFO-1019  NVDA does not read the titles above the displaying courses   Unable to recreate this issue; will reopen if it becomes a future problem.


Current Status

a.  = issue is planned to be resolved

b.  = issue is currently postponed and will not be resolved

c.  = issue is under investigation

d.  = issue has been resolved and released

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