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Transferology Accessibility Fixes by Release


For a list of open issues, please view the Transferology Accessibility Roadmap.


May 1, 2018 - x issues



Aug 8, 2017 - 4 issues

The NVDA screen reader should tell the user when a course has been added 

NVDA does not indicate to a sightless user that something new is on the page when an error is thrown 

The Skip Navigation link does skip to the right place, but menus become invisible 

Aria-labels should be added on state abbreviations 


September 13, 2016 - 13 issues

NVDA is not reading the pop-up error messages on individual fields 


September 13, 2016 - 13 issues

The Delete All button displays below the school name in the blue path using Firefox 

Cannot use the keyboard to submit the zip code on the Matches page 

Screen readers cannot accurately read any of the drop-down lists of schools 

NVDA does not read the Hours field 

NVDA does not read most of the Matches page 

NVDA reads the Send To button as "blank" 

The Send To button on a request for information cannot be selected with a keyboard 

The Transferology link at the top of the page is not informative using NVDA 

The screen reader incorrectly reads the accessibility wheel chair image as a transfer credit image 

Tabbed to links on the home page disappear 

The Go button that starts an audit run is being read as "blank" in NVDA 

NVDA cannot read the state code when selecting a school name 

When arriving to the Can't Sign In? page, the user cannot open either of the drop-down options without using a mouse 


May 02, 2016 - 1 issues

On the Run Program modal, the screen reader reads the Next button as "blank" 


Jan 11, 2016 - 4 issues

In Firefox, if the user presses the Enter key while focused on the "I understand checkbox," an error is thrown 

When tabbing through the Convert Account page, the Convert Users button and Forget Information? buttons are skipped over 

When tabbing through the second page of the Convert Account page, the Email Lookup button is skipped over 

View School Profile link is not selectable with a keyboard 


Aug 26, 2015 - 0 issues

No accessibility specific issues in this release.


Jun 08, 2015 - 0 issues

No accessibility specific issues in this release.


Feb 23, 2015 - 0 issues

No accessibility specific issues in this release.


Jan 06, 2015 - 0 issues

No accessibility specific issues in this release.


Oct 13, 2014 - 1 Issues

Tabbing to the Transferology Home link does not highlight the entire name as it should 


Aug 18, 2014 - 8 Issues

Menu keyboard navigation improvements 

When increasing Text Only, the Find schools That Accept my Coursework button wraps awkwardly 

First pass at new menu accessibility 

Need to update the Delete All text to white because the dark blue is too dark 

Adding courses on the blue path is causing the scrollbar on the page to move 

Keyboard navigation is finding a hidden link beneath the school profile image  

There is an underline for the Search for Matches for the green path, but not blue path 

There is an underline for Will my Courses Transfer?, but none for Find a Replacement Course 

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