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Lab Accessibility Fixes by Release


For a list of open issues, please view the Transferology Lab Accessibility Roadmap.


May 18, 2018 - 175 issues

Row and column headers have not been identified for course list tables on the Add Courses page TFO-370

Match List - Zip Code issues TFO-372

The user should be able to select additional themes to save to their profile TFO-784

Advise and Recruit Students/Filter - cannot use the keyboard to select the date TFO-1054

Cannot use the keyboard to select date to view courses statistic, results, programs, and request for information TFO-1065

NVDA does not read the pop-up message in Rules column TFO-1078

NVDA does not read the pop-up message in Details column TFO-1085

Popular Courses – cannot use keyboard to select date from the open calendar TFO-1253

Recruit Students – screen reader reads the sort image as text instead of the actual name TFO-1262

Advising Students/clearing all filters - screen reader does not read the dash (-) and stops reading after the word “try” TFO-1263

View Traffic Statistics - screen reader does not read the pop-up message from the course_chart_container TFO-1267

Check Transfer Rules - NVDA does not read the Column header TFO-1274

Popular Courses/Calendar - days of the week have no section label TFO-1277

Popular Courses/Calendar - in Chrome (only), NVDA read the column header label as "cell" TFO-1280

Login page/High Contrast Mode is On - input fields are hidden TFO-1284

Edit School Name/High Contrast Mode is On - input field is hidden TFO-1285

View Equivalencies/High Contrast Mode is On - all input fields are hidden TFO-1286

ACourse/IFlg - screen reader reads the Status icon incorrectly TFO-1549

Active Leads - screen reader reads Type, Advise, and Archive columns as "sortable/clickable column" TFO-1554

Advising Students - Column header cannot be accessed via keyboard TFO-1556

NVDA reads all labels in the sidebar in the School Profile page as clickable TFO-1879

NVDA reads most rows/columns/pages in the Lab as clickable links when they are not really clickable TFO-1880

Screen reader should read the full school name not just the abbreviation TFO-1882

Google Chrome - NVDA indicates a space between each submenu TFO-1884

When Profile Preview tab is not in edit mode, NVDA still reads Distance, School Type, and Year Type as clickable TFO-2064

School Profile - NVDA cannot read the number of a year when there is a sign either before or after the year number TFO-2065

There are ten empty links present on the Profile Preview page TFO-2273

There are ten missing Form Labels present io the Profile Preview page TFO-2274

Email Replacement Results link has broken ARIA TFO-2288

Popular Courses - Filter by Date Range has empty table header TFO-2307

Manage Programs - columns have empty table header TFO-2432

Active Leads/Custom Range - table header contains no text TFO-2523

Needs Advising/Custom Range - table header contains no text label TFO-2525

TES Evaluations/Custom Range - table header contains no text label TFO-2532

WAVE detected broken ARIA reference in the Acourse/iflg/Status/View page TFO-2656

NVDA reads any clickable link in the Lab multiple times for the same link TFO-2684

Cannot use keyboard to navigate to the chart areas or to the row/column below the chart TFO-2685

Replacement Course Results page - cannot tab to the Clear button (x) TFO-2686

Recruit and Advise Students - user focus is lost when using keyboard to Clear All filters TFO-2691

NVDA does not indicate if the bundle name is found TFO-2692

NVDA does not read the text message in the Program filter box TFO-2693

NVDA does not read the display text message in the Source Shools filter box TFO-2696

NVDA does not read the dash (-) in the date range for the Catalog departments TFO-2697

NVDA reads the state code for Michigan as "miles" instead or MI or Michigan TFO-2698

NVDA reads the state code for Nebraska as "northeast" instead or NE or Nebraska TFO-2699

Check Transfer Rules - need to display the full state names in the State column to make it more user-friendly for the visually impaired TFO-2700

Popular Courses/Check for Rules - NVDA reads the right arrow incorrectly TFO-2702

Popular Courses - NVDA reads the state code for Colorado as "code" instead of CO or Colorado TFO-2703

TES Mode/Filter - cannot use the keyboard to navigate to the Apply or Clear buttons TFO-2704

NVDA should read the full of "External Degree Audit Guide" instead of the abbreviation EDAG TFO-2705

NVDA reads the email address in the user column incorrectly TFO-2706

Pending Audit Requests - NVDA reads "DPROG" with each letter separately instead of just one word TFO-2707

Pending Audit Requests - Cancel button has empty link TFO-2709

Pending Audit Requests - Date Range/Calendar and table header have empty label TFO-2710

Pending Audit Requests - cannot tab to either Apply or Cancel buttons in the Date Range field TFO-2711

Pending Audit Requests - cannot use the keyboard to select Date from the open calendar TFO-2712

NVDA does not read either the Year or Term in the Year Term Conversions page TFO-2713

Using keyboard to search for Equivalencies/Replacement/Programs causes the page to move up, losing user focus TFO-3001

Skip Navigation link - skips to the right place but menus become invisible TFO-3003

When editing School Profile, cannot use the keyboard to navigate to either the Cancel or Save buttons TFO-3006

Traffic Stats - cannot access the open calendar with the keyboard TFO-3007

Charts/Graphs in the Traffic Stats page is keyboard inaccessible TFO-3008

NVDA does not read the text inside the Transferring From box TFO-3012

NVDA mentions the "clickable" link too many times throgh out the application for certain functions TFO-3014

NVDA does not read the pop-up message to alert the user whether the audit was completed successfully or there was an error TFO-3015

NVDA does not read the Date Range in the pop-up screen TFO-3016

NVDA does not read the data in either charts or graphs for Traffic Stats TFO-3018

Home Page - "Already have TES or uAchieve?" and "Webinars" texts have low contrast TFO-3324

Transferology Lab version and copyright text have low contrast TFO-3325

Login button text has low contrast TFO-3326

Login error message and text have low contrast TFO-3327

Request Lab Account page - Back to Login and Send Request button text has low contrast TFO-3329

Can't Sign In? page - email input box has no form label TFO-3330

Can't sign In? page - error message and Request Password Reset button text has low contrast TFO-3332

Recovery code, New Password and Re-enter password - all these input boxes are missing form label TFO-3333

Request Daily Limit - input box has broken ARIA TFO-3337

The +Add button for General Contact Email has low contrast TFO-3338

The trashcan icon to Delete campuses has empty link TFO-3339

The +Create Users button Active and Inactive buttons all have low contrast between the foreground and background colors TFO-3340

Replacement Course - Zip Code field and Replacement Email modal have broken ARIA TFO-3342

+Create Transfer Bundle and # of Courses have low contrast TFO-3344

Broken skip links - Skip Navigation links exist, but the targets for the links do not - all pages in the Lab have this issue TFO-3346

Questions and Answers page has broken ARIA reference TFO-3347

Some buttons have low contrast throughout the audit page TFO-3348

Active Leads and Need Advising - Name columns have empty link TFO-3349

All input boxes in the Add School Request page have no form label TFO-3350

+Create Category/Edit Mappings button has low contrast TFO-3352

+Create Glossary message and +Create Program/+Create Question buttons have low contrast TFO-3353

TES Evaluations/Date Range - input boxes have multiple form labels TFO-3354

Unknown Equivalencies/Date Range - Previous < and Next > buttons are missing text in the table header TFO-3355

TES Evaluations and Unknown Equivalencies - drop-down values have low contrast TFO-3356

TES Mode sidebar - Delete buttons (links) contain no text TFO-3357

Answers page - Edit and Delete buttons have Empty links TFO-3359

Save Program button has empty form label TFO-3358

Import course catalog table does not contain any content TFO-3366

Import/Export course catalog - drop-down box has multiple form labels TFO-3367

Export course catalog - file selection box missing form label TFO-3368

Student/Lab Statistics page/date range - Prev < and Next > buttons have empty table header TFO-3369

Student/Lab Statistics - all buttons in the open calendar do not meet meet CCR threshold TFO-3371

Pathway Management - Filter field missing form label TFO-3372

Year Tern Conversion: +Create Year Term Conversion button does not meet CCR threshold TFO-3373

Input box for Student Referral Link is missing form label TFO-3375

Delete School Partner buttons contain no text TFO-3376

Pathway checkbox has empty form label TFO-3377

UserNamelink color does not meet CCR threshold TFO-3378

Delete and Edit school group columns - tables header contains no text TFO-3379

Users group modal label has empty heading TFO-3381

Edit and Delete school group buttons have empty link TFO-3382

The badge Group-Users does not meet CCR threshold TFO-3383

Filter most active users - input box missing form label and View Profile button has empty link TFO-3385

Logging - document language missing TFO-3386

Reload from file, Root logging level, Set root log level, Enable users, and Loggers Level - all missing form labels TFO-3387

TES Evaluations - cannot use keyboard to select any particular day from drop-down menu TFO-3389

Using keyboard to edit, save, or run first program on the page causes the cursor to jump to the bottom of the page TFO-3390

Cannot use the keyboard to access the < Prev or Next > button in the calendar TFO-3391

NVDA does not read the form label "Filter" TFO-3393

NVDA announces "clickable" and "clear filters" link eight times TFO-3394

Course List - NVDA should annouce the word "hours," not just the number TFO-3395

Programs page - NVDA announces "clickable" ten times for the word "program" TFO-3396

Request Audits - Override Year Term field is missing form label TFO-3428

Check Programs - all checkboxes missing form labels TFO-3429

Submitted Audits - input box has empty form label TFO-3430

Request Audits - cannot access the Help (?) image with keyboard TFO-3431

Check Programs/Request Audits - NVDA does not announce the Close (x) button TFO-3434

NVDA announces "clickable" six times for the Override Year Term input box TFO-3435

Request Audits - NVDA does not read the tooltips (?) TFO-3436

Check Programs - user focus is lost upon selecting the Run Audits button TFO-3437

Pathway Agreement - NVDA does not read the entire warning paragraph in the pop-up screen TFO-3438

Pathway Agreement - Spacebar key does not work when NVDA is activated TFO-3439

Pathway Agreement - Enter key does not work when NVDA is activated TFO-3440

Pathway Management - cannot use keyboard to view the Hint message TFO-3441

Cannot use keyboard to view Program, Audit Status, or Run Audit Status TFO-3442

School admin cannot use the keyboard to view the hints in the Select School modal TFO-3443

List of areas that are keyboard inaccessible in the Lab TFO-3446

NVDA mentions Transferology Lab version and copyright as "clickable" TFO-3780

Build version and copyright have low contrast TFO-3779

Transferology Lab/What's New? - Date label has low contrast TFO-3785

Profile Preview - elements with an ARIA role require child roles TFO-3786

Help menu - required ARIA parents role present TFO-3793

Profile Preview: the banner landmark must be at top level TFO-3794

Document has more than one banner landmark (title, header, and .navbar.brand) TFO-3798

Links must have text that is visible to screen readers TFO-3799

All Skip links must have a focusable target TFO-3800

Add Custom Link button has low contrast TFO-3801

Frames must have title attribute TFO-3802

Custom Links - ARIA-label attribute does not exist TFO-3803

Heading levels should only increase by one TFO-3804

+Add Email button has low contrast TFO-3805

Users tab - must present ARIA child role TFO-3806

+Create User button has low contrast TFO-3807

editUser - ID attribute value must be unique TFO-3808

transferToSource - document has multiple elements with the same ID attribute TFO-3809 

schoolswitch - content should be contained in a landmark region TFO-3810

Transfer Equivalencies/filter - heading order is invalid TFO-3811

Transfer Equivalencies/Search option - ARIA-label attribute does not exist TFO-3812

Replacement Course - heading order is invalid TFO-3813

sendResults - button has low contrast TFO-3818

+Create Transfer Bundle and # of Courses buttons have low contrast TFO-3344

Copy Bundle icon - skip-link target should exist and be focusable TFO-3819

Blue Bundle - Number of Courses button has low contrast TFO-3820

Edit blue bundle/myCourseList table - ARIA attribute does not have valid value TFO-3821

Looking for a particular school? - input school name search does not have visible form label TFO-3822

Blue path - sortOrder has no label TFO-3823

Blue path - the First button in Filter by School or City Name has low contrast TFO-3824

Filter by School or City Name/showing range: <ul> and <ol> must only directly contain <li>, <script> or <template> elements TFO-3825

Blue path - all tabs for Matches, Misses, Maybe, No Matches have low contrast TFO-3826

Blue path - For Credit At header has low contrast TFO-3827

Add green bundle - all tabs must have ARIA child role TFO-3828 

Add green bundle -Search button has low contrast TFO-3829

Add/Edit Bundle - Select Year box is missing form label TFO-3833 

matchResults page - My School has low contrast TFO-3834

Green path/nameSearch - input field has visible form label TFO-3835

Green path/sortOrder - no explicit label TFO-3836

Apply Courses to a Program - button has low contrast TFO-3837

Courses From - heading level is invalid TFO-3838



Aug 8, 2017 - 11 issues

The NVDA screen reader should tell the user when a course has been added 

NVDA does not read the pop-up message in the Rules column 

NVDA cannot read the pop-up message in the Details column 

Check Transfer Rules - NVDA does not read the column header 

Skip Navigation link - skips to the correct location, but menus become invisible 

Cannot tab to the Info icon that displays next to "State (school)" 

NVDA does not read the text inside the Transferring From box 

NVDA does not read the pop-up message to alert the user whether the audit was completed successfully or errored 

The Search button on the Replacement Course page needs a label for screen reader 

The Search and Hide buttons on Manage Source Schools needs label for screen reader 

State abbreviations should have aria-labels 


September 13, 2016 - 53 issues

Screen reader does not distinguish between a school marked as a favorite vs one that is not a favorite 

The Delete All button displays below the school name on the Blue Path using Firefox 

A user cannot use the keyboard to submit the zip code on the Matches page 

Screen readers cannot accurately read any of the dropdown lists of schools 

NVDA does not read the Hours field 

NVDA does not read most of the Matches page 

On NVDA, the Send To button is read as "blank" 

The Send To button on a Request For Information cannot be selected with a keyboard 

The Transferology link at the top of the page is not informative on NVDA 

The screen reader incorrectly reads the accessibility wheel chair image as a transfer credit image 

Tabbed to links on the home page disappear 

The Send To button on a Request For Information cannot be read by NVDA 

The Go button that starts an audit run is read as "blank" in NVDA 

Run Program - screen reader reads the Go button as "blank" instead of the actual button name 

NVDA cannot read the state code when selecting a school name 

When arriving to the Can't Sign In? page, the user cannot open either of the drop-down options without using a mouse 

Inconsistencies between the Equivalencies ACourse/Iflg radio buttons 

Lab login page has broken ARIA reference 

Profile Preview page has 2 broken ARIA references 

FICE input field has 1 multiple form labels 

Subscription tab has 2 missing form labels: Subscription Level and Standing Order Flag 

Show Roles - drop-down box has missing form labels in the Users tab 

Users tab - Edit and Delete User fields have empty links 

Role Permissions - table header contains no text 

Branding - linked image is missing alternative text 

Branding - Referrals input field missing form label 

Find a Replacement Course - filter drop-down box for Distance and Locations are missing form labels 

Course Bundles - filter missing form label in the input field 

Share Course Bundles - checkboxes missing form label 

My Program Requests - Email and Delete icons contain empty table header 

Advise Students filter checkbox has empty form label 

Unknown Schools - Filter By School input field missing form label 

Manage Source Schools: Filter By State drop-down box missing form label 

 Find School Name pop-up window - input box missing form label 

Find School pop-up window: Add icon and Search icon contain no text 

Linked Schools - Unlink links contain no text 

Check Transfer Rules - Filter box missing form label  

Glossary Messages - Edit and Delete columns have empty table header 

Glossary Message - Edit and Delete have empty links 

Popular Courses - Filter box missing form label 

Toggle aria - hidden on Open/Close modal across all pages 

The Sign In image is missing alternative text 

Unknown Equivalencies - Filter by Distance is missing form label in the drop-down list  

TES Evaluations - Filter by Course input is missing form label 

Manage Programs - Run Program/Edit and Delete buttons have empty links 

Program Questions page - Sort column has empty table header  

Manage Program Questions - Edit and Delete columns are missing labels for the table headers 

Program Questions page - Edit and Delete buttons have empty links 

EDAG URL input box on the Audit Setup page is missing form label  

Year Term Conversion page needs proper form label for the drop-down box 

Edit Glossary Message - Message Text box missing form label  

TES Eval - Clear filters has broken ARIA reference 

Find Replacement Course/Zip Code box - missing form label  


May 02, 2016 - 27 issues

Cannot use the keyboard to navigate to the Next button on the Popular Courses page 

Cannot use the keyboard to view Glossary Messages on the Transfer page 

NVDA should read the X button as either "cancel" or "close" instead of just "button" 

Course Bundles/Matches - cannot use keyboard to view tooltip for either Tuition or Total Enrollment 

Popular Courses - cannot use keyboard navigate to the Rules column 

Unknown Equivalencies - cannot use keyboard to navigate to the Details column 

Equivalencies/Find a Replacement Course - screen reader reads the right arrow as "text" 

Equivalencies/Transfer - screen reader should read the right arrow as “to” instead of "-->"  

Find a Replacement Course/Filter - NVDA reads the button name for the geolocation as "button" 

Manage Source Schools - cannot use the keyboard to switch view between More and Less 

Rule Validation/Matches/Rule column - NVDA reads right arrow as "text" and stops reading the rest of the sentence when the right arrow is presented 

When the name of the school is spelled out as the logo, screen reader should read the name as well as the school logo 

Profile Preview - screen reader does not read the Last User Update fields  

Contact Emails page - need to add label for the button with either "Remove" or "Delete" button instead of "X"  

Transfer/Matches - screen reader does not read the Glossary message 

Find Replacement Course - screen reader does not read the right arrow 

Questions page - any selection automatically moves the user focus to the top of the page 

The programs added onto a Program Type question are inaccessible via keyboard 

Geolocation is inaccessible via keyboard 

NVDA does not read the image for Run Program on the Course Bundles page 

NVDA does not read the "Sent To" Share Course Bundles icon 

Traffic Stats display alt text that is mashed together  

Filter Glossary Message - cannot access the Apply button via keyboard 

Sorting Glossary Messages by Types - cannot use keyboard to access Apply or Clear buttons 

Run Program modal - screen reader reads the Next button as "blank" 

Equivalencies page - screen reader does not read the text message in the filter field, only reads "edit" and "clickable" 

NVDA should read the name of the Facebook link instead of "visited link" 



Jan 11, 2016 - 8 issues

Apply button for the School Name or Course filter cannot be accessed via keyboard 

Popular Courses - cannot use keyboard to Apply a filter 

Transfer page - cannot use the keyboard to navigate to Clear Filters 

Cannot use the keyboard to navigate to Recruit Students--> Excel Export link 

Find Replacement/Matches - cannot use keyboard to send email  

Unknown Equivalencies - cannot use keyboard to Apply or Clear filters location/distance  

 Find Replacement Course/Matching Details page - cannot use keyboard to access Return to Search button 

 Find Replacement Course/Matching Details page - cannot use the keyboard to access Clear Filters link 


Aug 26, 2015 - 11 issues

Recruit Students/Active Leads - scrollbar moves up when using the keyboard to try to view message in the last email requested 

NVDA - screen reader does not read the address in the dialog box 

NVDA - screen reader does not read the phone image, only reads the parenthesis and the number 

NVDA/Popular Courses - screen reader does not read the Apply and Clear buttons on the Filter page 

ACourse - cannot use keyboard to select any cell in the table 

Transfer/Search – screen reader reads the Search button as "text" and then reads the URL 

School Profile – screen reader reads all the labels in sidebar as "paragraph" instead of "label" 

Rule Validation – screen reader reads Sort/Filter/Between as "section" instead of "label" 

View School – cannot use up/down arrow key to select school from the drop-down list 

Equivalencies/ACourse/IFlg - screen reader does not read the text message in the filter field, but only mentions "edit" 

Run Program - screen reader reads the Next button as "browse mode" 


Jun 08, 2015 - 0 issues

No accessibility specific issues in this release.


Feb 23, 2015 - 1 issues

Equivalency ACourse/IFlg are not accessible via a keyboard 


Jan 06, 2015 - 5 issues

View Programs - cannot use keyboard to navigate to Next button 

Recruit Students - cannot tab to See How Your Courses Might Apply To This Program 

View Programs - cannot use keyboard to navigate to Run Program column 

View Programs/Program Information - cannot access See How Your Courses Might Apply To This Program via keyboard 

View Programs/Run Program - screen reader reads Cancel button as "button" 


Oct 13, 2014 - 3 Issues

NVDA/Popular Courses - screen reader does not recognize the Next, Previous, or First buttons 

Cannot use the Down arrow key to select submenus from the main menu I Would Like To... 

Recruit Students/Student Profile - cannot tab between Courses tab and Programs tab 


Aug 18, 2014 - 2 Issues

Menu keyboard navigation improvements 

When increasing Text Only, the Find Schools That Accept My Coursework button awkwardly wraps 


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