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Transferology Lab Accessibility Roadmap


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CollegeSource, Inc.

Product Names

Transferology Lab

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Completion Date

Nov 09, 2018

Contact Name/Title

Melissa Brooks/User Experience Lead

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Release Timeline

  • 1.8.2 - TBD

For a history of accessibility fixes in past releases, see Lab Accessibility Fixes by Release


Access to the specific issue details in our Issue Tracker requires a Support Center account--request one here.

Issue Number Issue Description Current Status 1 Timeline Available Workarounds and Other Comments
TFO-372  Match List - Zip Code issues    
TFO-784 The user should be able to select additional themes to save to their profile   Enhancement allows users to select from different color schemes and save a preferred theme to their profile. This alternate profile has a greater color contrast ratio than the default theme, so that any user experiencing trouble reading the default theme may select a more usable theme.
TFO-1054  Advise and Recruit Students/Filter - cannot use the keyboard to select the date    
TFO-1065  Cannot use the keyboard to select date to view courses statistic, results, programs, and request for information    
TFO-1253 Popular Courses - cannot use keyboard to select date from the open calendar    
TFO-1267  View Traffic Statistics - screen reader does not read the pop-up message from the course_chart_container    
TFO-1277 Popular Courses/Calendar - days of the week have no section label    
TFO-1280 Popular Courses/Calendar - in Chrome (only), NVDA read the column header label as "cell"    
TFO-1284 Login page/High Contrast Mode is On - input fields are hidden    
TFO-1285 Edit School Name/High Contrast Mode is On - input field is hidden    
TFO-1286 View Equivalencies/High Contrast Mode is On - all input fields are hidden    
TFO-1549 ACourse/IFlg - screen reader reads the Status icon incorrectly 1.6.2  
TFO-1554 Active Leads - screen reader reads Type, Advise, and Archive columns as "sortable/clickable column"    
TFO-1556 Advising Students - Column header cannot be accessed via keyboard    
TFO-1879 NVDA reads all labels in the sidebar in the School Profile page as clickable    
TFO-1880 NVDA reads most rows/columns/pages in the Lab as clickable links when they are not clickable    
TFO-1882 Screen reader should read the full school name, not just the abbreviation    
TFO-1884 Google Chrome - NVDA indicates a space between each submenu    
TFO-2064 When Profile Preview tab is not in Edit Mode, NVDA still reads Distance, School Type, and Year Type as clickable    
TFO-2288 Email Replacement Results link has broken ARIA    
TFO-2532 TES Evaluations/Custom Range - table header contains no text label   Added screen reader-only text to table headers that have contents. Empty ones have not been changed.
TFO-2656 WAVE detected broken ARIA reference in the Acourse/IFlg/Status/View page    
TFO-2684 NVDA reads any clickable link in the Lab multiple times for the same link    
TFO-2685 Cannot use keyboard to navigate to the chart areas or to the row/column below the chart    
TFO-2686 Replacement Course Results page - cannot tab to the Clear button (x)    
TFO-2692 NVDA does not indicate if the bundle name is found    
TFO-2697 NVDA does not read the dash (-) in the date range for the Catalog departments    
TFO-2698 NVDA reads the state code for Michigan as "miles" instead or MI or Michigan    
TFO-2699 NVDA reads the state code for Nebraska as "northeast" instead or NE or Nebraska    
TFO-2703 Popular Courses - NVDA reads the state code for Colorado as "code" instead of CO or Colorado    
TFO-2706 NVDA reads the email address in the user column incorrectly    
TFO-2707 Pending Audit Requests - NVDA reads "DPROG" with each letter separately instead of just one word    
TFO-2711 Pending Audit Requests - cannot tab to either Apply or Cancel buttons in the Date Range field    
TFO-2712 Pending Audit Requests - cannot use the keyboard to select Date from the open calendar    
TFO-2713 NVDA does not read either the Year or Term in the Year Term Conversions page    
TFO-3001 Using keyboard to search for Equivalencies/Replacement/Programs causes the page to move up, losing user focus    
TFO-3006 When editing School Profile, cannot use the keyboard to navigate to either the Cancel or Save buttons    
TFO-3007 Traffic Stats - cannot access the open calendar with the keyboard    
TFO-3008 Charts/Graphs in the Traffic Stats page is keyboard inaccessible    
TFO-3014  NVDA mentions the "clickable" link too many times throughout the application for certain functions    
TFO-3016 NVDA does not read the Date Range in the pop-up screen    
TFO-3018 NVDA does not read the data in either charts or graphs for Traffic Stats    
TFO-3324 Home Page - both "Already have TES or uAchieve?" and "Webinars" text have low contrast      
TFO-3325 Transferology Lab version and copyright text have low contrast      
TFO-3326 Login button text has low contrast      
TFO-3327 Login error message and text have low contrast      
TFO-3329 Request Lab Account page - Back to Login and Send Request button text has low contrast      
TFO-3332 Can't sign In? page - error message and Request Password Reset button text has low contrast      
TFO-3337 Request Daily Limit - input box has broken ARIA      
TFO-3338 The +Add button for General Contact Email has low contrast      
TFO-3340 The +Create Users button Active and Inactive buttons all have low contrast between the foreground and background colors      
TFO-3342 Replacement Course - Zip Code field and Replacement Email modal have broken ARIA      
TFO-3344 +Create Transfer Bundle and # of Courses have low contrast      
TFO-3346 Broken skip links - for all pages in the Lab, Skip Navigation links exist but the targets for the links do not      
TFO-3348  Some buttons have low contrast throughout the audit page      
TFO-3352 +Create Category/Edit Mappings button has low contrast      
TFO-3353 +Create Glossary message and +Create Program/+Create Question buttons have low contrast      
TFO-3354 TES Evaluations/Date Range - input boxes have multiple form labels      
TFO-3355 Unknown Equivalencies/Date Range - Previous < and Next > buttons are missing text in the table header      
TFO-3356 TES Evaluations and Unknown Equivalencies - drop-down values have low contrast      
TFO-3369 Student/Lab Statistics page/date range - Prev < and Next > buttons have empty table header      
TFO-3371 Student/Lab Statistics - all buttons in the open calendar do not meet meet CCR threshold      
TFO-3373 Year Tern Conversion: +Create Year Term Conversion button does not meet CCR threshold      
TFO-3378 UserNamelink color does not meet CCR threshold      
TFO-3379 Delete and Edit school group columns - tables header contains no text      
TFO-3381 Users group modal label has empty heading      
TFO-3382 Edit and Delete school group buttons have empty link      
TFO-3383 The badge Group-Users does not meet CCR threshold      
TFO-3385 Filter most active users - input box missing form label and View Profile button has empty link      
TFO-3386 Logging - document language missing      
TFO-3387 Reload from file, Root logging level, Set root log level, Enable users, and Loggers Level - all missing form labels      
TFO-3389 TES Evaluations - cannot use keyboard to select any particular day from drop-down menu      
TFO-3390 Using keyboard to edit, save, or run first program on the page causes the cursor to jump to the bottom of the page      
TFO-3391 Cannot use the keyboard to access the < Prev or Next > button in the calendar      
TFO-3393 NVDA does not read the form label "Filter"      
TFO-3394 NVDA announces "clickable" and "clear filters" link eight times      
TFO-3395 Course List - NVDA should announce the word "hours," not just the number      
TFO-3396 Programs page - NVDA announces "clickable" ten times for the word "program"      
TFO-3431 Request Audits - cannot access the Help (?) image with keyboard      
TFO-3435 NVDA announces "clickable" six times for the Override Year Term input box      
TFO-3436 Request Audits - NVDA does not read the tooltips (?)      
TFO-3438 Pathway Agreement - NVDA does not read the entire warning paragraph in the pop-up screen      
TFO-3439 Pathway Agreement - Spacebar key does not work when NVDA is activated      
TFO-3440 Pathway Agreement - Enter key does not work when NVDA is activated      
TFO-3441 Pathway Management - cannot use keyboard to view the Hint message      
TFO-3442 Cannot use keyboard to view Program, Audit Status, or Run Audit Status      
TFO-3443 School admin cannot use keyboard to view the hints in the Select School modal      
TFO-3446 List of areas that are keyboard inaccessible in the Lab      
TFO-3780 NVDA mentions Transferology Lab version and copyright as "clickable"      
TFO-3785 What's New? area - Date label has low contrast    
TFO-3786 Profile Preview - elements with an ARIA role require child roles    
TFO-3793 Help menu - required ARIA parents role present    
  TFO-3794 Profile Preview - Banner landmark must be at top level    
TFO-3798 Document has more than one Banner landmark (title, header, and .navbar.brand)    
TFO-3799 Links must have text that is visible to screen readers      
TFO-3800 All Skip links must have a focusable target      
TFO-3801 Add Custom Link button has low contrast      
TFO-3802 Frames must have title attribute      
TFO-3803 Custom Links - ARIA-label attribute does not exist      
TFO-3804 Heading levels should only increase by one      
TFO-3805 +Add Email button has low contrast      
TFO-3806 Users tab - must present ARIA child role      
TFO-3807 +Create User button has low contrast      
TFO-3808 editUser - ID attribute value must be unique      
TFO-3809 transferToSource - document has multiple elements with the same ID attribute      
TFO-3810 schoolswitch - content should be contained in a landmark region      
TFO-3811 Transfer Equivalencies/filter - heading order is invalid      
TFO-3812 Transfer Equivalencies/Search option - ARIA-label attribute does not exist      
TFO-3813 Replacement Course - heading order is invalid      
TFO-3818 sendResults - button has low contrast      
TFO-3819 Copy Bundle icon - skip-link target should exist and be focusable      
TFO-3820 Blue Bundle - Number of Courses button has low contrast      
TFO-3821 Edit blue bundle/myCourseList table - ARIA attribute does not have valid value      
TFO-3822 Looking for a particular school? - input school name search does not have visible form label      
TFO-3823 Blue path - sortOrder has no label      
TFO-3824 Blue path - First button in Filter by School or City Name has low contrast      
TFO-3825 Filter by School or City Name/showing range: <ul> and <ol> must only directly contain <li>, <script> or <template> elements      
TFO-3826 Blue path - all tabs for Matches, Misses, Maybe, No Matches have low contrast      
TFO-3827 Blue path - For Credit At header has low contrast      
TFO-3828 Add green bundle - all tabs must have ARIA child role      
TFO-3829 Add green bundle - Search button has low contrast      
TFO-3833 Add/Edit Bundle - Select Year box is missing form label      
TFO-3834 matchResults page - My School has low contrast      
TFO-3835  Green path/nameSearch - input field has visible form label      
TFO-3836 Green path/sortOrder - no explicit label      
TFO-3837 Apply Courses to a Program - button has low contrast      
TFO-3838 Courses From - heading level is invalid      
TFO-4148 Transferology logo in Home page Link - BANNER landmark is not top-level landmark    
TFO-4149 Home page link - only one BANNER landmark should be allowed per page    
TFO-4150 BANNER landmark must only contain NAVIGATION, REGION, or SEARCH landmarks    
TFO-4151 Login page - landmarks must be uniquely identifiable, using proper label    
TFO-4152 Login page - OL and UL elements must only have grouping role values of directory: Group, listbox, menu, menubar, tablist toolbar    
TFO-4153 Logo: A[HREF] elements must only have role values of LINK (default), BUTTON, CHECKBOX, MENUITEM, MENUITEMCHECKBOX, MENUITEMRADIO, TAB, SWITCH or TREEITEM    
TFO-4154 Show Hints - labels that are unique make it possible for people to understand the different purposes of form controls on the same page    
TFO-4155 Notifications Link - labels must be unique    
TFO-4157 My Courses page - data cells in complex data tables must use HEADERS attribute to identify header cells    
TFO-4158 Course Num/Title/YearTerm/Hours - need proper label for all the cells in the table    
TFO-4159 Reset password - headings must be properly nested    
TFO-4160 Favor button has no label    
TFO-4161 All filter buttons - forms have no label    
TFO-4162 Add role to Population and Tuition icons    
TFO-4164 Home page footer - define a BANNER landmark and allow one BANNER per page    
TFO-4165 Manually entered course title box - add roles to event handlers    
TFO-4166  "Select the school you're looking for" pop-up screen - headings must be properly nested on the page    
TFO-4167 Pathway - Campuses button has low contrast    
TFO-4168 The NAVIGATION landmark should not contain BANNER & NAVIGATION    
TFO-4169 Matches/Maybe/Miss/Taken Here - tab, link & tabpanel, labels must be unique    
TFO-4170 Notes about transfer rule/span has low contrast    
TFO-4171 Course will count for full credit & Notes about Transfer rule - link text must describe the link target    
TFO-4172 School Profile/About - add roles to the event handlers    
TFO-4176 School Program Information page - add a role that describes the user options    
TFO-4177 Pop-up dialog for submitting audit - add text content to BUTTON    
TFO-4178 Pop-up screen displays audit request success or error - move H4 into appropriate landmark & the headings must be properly nested on the page    
TFO-4179 ALERTDIALOG for audit request success or error - ARIA values must be valid    
TFO-4180 The pnotify stack-custom for running audit success or error - ARIA property or state must be defined    
TFO-4181 Select State and School - form has no button    
TFO-4182 Email Program - headings must be properly nested in the MAIN landmark     
TFO-4187 School Profile Preview - add role(s) to imgs/icons/title/body/footer that describe the user options and actions of the event handlers when onclick    
TFO-4195 Username text-truncate - add role to describe the user options and actions of the SPAN: onclick    
TFO-4196 The "Help" & Internal Tools Menus - add role to describe the user options and actions of the DIV: onclick    
TFO-4197 span[id=schoolname] - add role to describe the user options and actions of the SPAN when onclick    
TFO-4198 General Information tab - Military and NCES - change the LABEL element with the FOR attribute value '#' to reference a form control    
TFO-4199 General Information tab - entire page    
TFO-4200 School Management - TABLIST must have child roles & all fields, menu, input box, checkbox, etc. must also have proper role in each tab    


1 Current Status

a.  = issue is planned to be resolved

b.  = issue is currently postponed and will not be resolved

c.  = issue is under investigation

d.  = issue has been resolved and released


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