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uAchieve Planner Accessibility Roadmap


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CollegeSource, Inc.

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uAchieve® Planner

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Sept 28, 2020

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Melissa Brooks/User Experience Manager

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Release Timeline

  • - Dec 15, 2020
  • 5.0 - Fall 2021




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Issue Number Issue Description Current Status 1 Timeline Available Workarounds and Other Comments
UDIR-1354 Roadmap - User cannot use the keyboard to edit End Year or End Term  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-1648 Use sortable to make moving roadmap requirements within a term keyboard accessible  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-1653 Firefox and Internet Explorer - NVDA does not read the name of the chosen program  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-1656 Add Message to Plan - NVDA does not read the entire message in the pop-up window  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-1817 Audit and Roadmap View - input fields missing form label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-1927 View All Roadmaps column header focus styling needs to be darker  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2074 Login Page - page must have means to bypass repeated blocks  Scheduled  
UDIR-2079 Manage Plan Comments page: To advisors/student/private text must exceed CCR and bolded  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2081 Manage Plan Comments page: Table has unknown role on the page  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2085 Manage Plan Add New Comments (2 violations): Input[radio] - a related group of radio buttons must have a grouping label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2086 Plan Build Show Help (3 violations): Headings must be properly nested  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2087 Plan Build page/audit: Headings must be properly nested within a landmark  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2090 Plan/Graduation Goal GPA: table markup must identify a table as either a data table or a layout table  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2091 Plan Builder/Plan name/Term/Delete buttons - do not have proper labels  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2095 Site Navigation Rule - needs consistent H1 and H2 page section labels  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2096 Plan Builder/Roadmap/Dprog: elements with event handlers must have roles  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2097 Plan Builder - hours must exceed CCR of 3.1 and bolded and 4.5 any size or style of text  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2098 Plan Builder - Add course button does not have a unique label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2099 Plan Builder - add message button does not have unique label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2104 Plan Builder/Plan column - all Edit Terms buttons have no label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2106 Plan Builder/Plan column - alert icon indicating a possible issue with course has no label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2107 Plan Builder - text for the alert icon is too small and difficult to read for users with low vision  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2109 Plan Builder - Add Course pop-up window form has no button elements  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2110 Plan Builder/Plan column - Close button (x) in the Add Course pop-up window requires label with text  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2111 Plan Builder - Add course pop-up screen contains no landmarks  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2113 Plan Builder/Plan column - form and links must have roles that describe their behavior  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2114 Plan Builder/Plan/Add Message - group of check boxes or radio buttons is not enclosed in a fieldset  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2115 Plan Builder/Plan/Add Message/Table header - skipped heading level  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2116 Plan Builder/Plan - Add Courses to Schedules pop-up window contains no landmarks  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2120 Student Access link - skipped heading level   Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2123 Notifications/Comments - page has no widget roles to describe its purpose  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2124 Notifications/Comments - ROW widget is missing grindcell, rowheader, and columnheader  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2125 Plan Approval Requests - Columnheader does not have widget role that describes the user options and actions of the image  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2126 Requested By column/row - tbody has a tabindex value of 0 or less is present, making it difficult for screen reader to read  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2127  Plan Approval Requests page - DIV element with GRID widget role has no label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2128 Roadmaps Publication Requests page - page has no label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2129 Roadmap Publication Requests/columnheader/sorting - table has no widget role  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2130 Roadmap Publication Requests - missing label for the tbody  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2131 Roadmap Publication Requests/ROW - widgets must have child roles  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2133 View All Roadmaps - form in the table has no label to describe its purpose  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2134 View All Roadmaps - UI event handlers must have widget roles that accurately describe the options and actions available to the user upon interacting   Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2135 View All Roadmaps/Degree Program Column - adjacent links go to the same URL, making it difficult for screen reader to read  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2137 Roadmaps/Choose a Degree Program page - interactive elements do not have ARIA widget roles to describe the user interaction associated with the event handlers  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2139 Available Roadmaps/End Term - input box does not have accessible label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2140 Available Roadmaps/Status column - selection box does not have label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2143 Available Roadmaps/columnheader - table header does not have label description  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2144 Available Roadmaps/Number of Years/Start/End Year columns - rows/columns do not have widget roles to describe the purpose  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2145 Available Roadmap/name column/tbody - Title attribute text is the same as text or alternative text  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2146 Audit & Roadmap View and Roadmap page - heading level is skipped  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2148 Roadmap/Edit & Delete Requirement buttons have no label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2150 Audit and Roadmap View Table -  no widget role of the element to describe the user options and actions of the SPAN element  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2151 Build Roadmap/tooltip - change the LABEL element content, use FIELDSET and LEGEND elements to make the label text content unique in the page  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2152 Add Roadmap Term Input box - form control does not have a corresponding label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2153 Year - table header has no label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2154 Year - term selection options have no LABEL  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2155 Add Requirement/course screen - table has no widget role on the page  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2156 Sub-requirement name - input field missing form label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2157 Add Requirement/Add Course/Add Note buttons - INPUT element shares ID value with another element on the page  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2158 Move all courses up or down or move one up or down image has device-dependent event handler  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2159 Delete All Courses buttons is missing label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2160 Course Description input box is missing label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2161 Hours - no label on the input box  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2162 Course Flags - missing the widget roles on the element to describe the user options and actions of the element  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2163 CourseList icon - has device-dependent event handler  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2188 Sub-requirement input box - missing form label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2189 Action/Selection box - javascript jump menu  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2193 The hours text has low contrast when the Plan has a past term  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2234 Edit SubReq field missing form label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2238 Input fields for Roadmap End/Year & End/Term are missing form label  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2239 Completed Course column - text has low contrast  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2259 Cannot use the keyboard to navigate to either Requirement Details or Course Details  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2260 Or'ed? and Use Requirement for Validation checkboxes - need to add one or more of the required ARIA properties and states to the CHECKBOX widget  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2261 Add Requirement/Add Course/Add Note - input element shares ID value with another element on the page  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2262 Audit & Roadmap View - need to add widget roles to the element in the Audit column  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2264 Audit and Plan headers - need to adjust the level H3 heading  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2265 Audit and Plan/Audit column - elements with event handlers must have roles  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2379 Plan Builder page/Skip navigation links - move A element into an appropriate landmark  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2387 View All Roadmaps: Add role to each column header  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2407 Create New Plan cannot use the keyboard to select a program  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2436 Add Message button - Tab to Add Message button then tab through Add Message to Term to Cancel focus goes to bottom of page  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2447 The icon of the Declared Plan is skipped when tabbing so NVDA doesn't state that the Declared Plan has been selected  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2449 Manage Plans - Tab to Action, down arrow does not display the selections but automatically selects Edit Plan from the dropdown  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2450 Manage Plans - Tab to Add New Comment and open a new one, add a Comment and Tab, "Cancel" button is skipped  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2451 Manage Plans - When tabbing to a Comment and selecting to Reply, the text box opens at the top of the Comments list but focus remains on the selected Comment in the list  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2452 Manage Plans - Comments - Tab to Edit a Comment focus is not in text box  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2453 Create a Plan using Tab, Tab to Term and select down arrow to display terms focus goes to Year  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2455 Planner - NVDA - On the Planner side, if there's a grade associated with a course there's no way to tab to it and if you hover over it NVDA only reads it as a single character and does not indicate it's a grade  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2456 Manage Plans - Using NVDA - NVDA does not state if a Plan does not have an associated roadmap  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2457 Create a New Plan - Using NVDA, The Chosen roadmap button does not explain what it does  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2458 Plans list/Plan Builder - Comments - view allowable label does not meet Color Contract Ratio threshold  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2459 Plan Builder - h3 headings not properly nested  Planned  Fall 2021  
UDIR-2482 Request an Audit for Plan - 'Select a Different Program' link violates WCAG Widgets/Scripting  Scheduled  


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1  Current Status: 

a.  Scheduled  = issue has been assigned to a specific release to be resolved

b.  Planned  = issue has been planned for a future release, but a specific release number has not yet been assigned

c.  Deferred  = issue is currently postponed and will not be resolved

d.  Planned  = issue is  Planned 

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