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Latest uAchieve Self-Service Accessibility Roadmap


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CollegeSource, Inc.

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uAchieve® Self-Service

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Completion Date

Jan 22, 2019

Contact Name/Title

Melissa Brooks/User Experience Lead

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Release Timeline

  • 4.5.3 - Sep 10, 2019
  • Jan 2020
  • May 2020
  • Sep 2020

For a history of accessibility fixes in past releases, see uAchieve Self-Service Accessibility Fixes by Release.


Access to the specific issue details in our Issue Tracker requires a Support Center account--request one here.

Issue Number Issue Description Current Status 1 Timeline Available Workarounds and Other Comments
UACH-3441 NVDA skips over select your style text and style links Planned Jan 2020  
UACH-3738 NVDA does not read the open and close parenthesis we include as titles on the menu for the Batch Criteria page Planned May 2020 Clients can modify what titles are used on their menus so that a screen reader will properly read them.
UACH-3743 The # symbol used as a column title on the Applied Exceptions tab is not read by the NVDA screen reader Planned May 2020 Clients can modify what titles are used on their menus so that a screen reader will properly read them.
UACH-3745 Adding Courses help modal displays a foreslash that NVDA does not recognize and skips over entirely Planned May 2020  
UACH-3750 In Program Matcher, NVDA reads percentages on the graphs that do not appear on screen Planned May 2020  
UACH-3751 When running an audit in Program Matcher, there is no indication to a screen reader of the pop-up Submit message and the View Submitted Audits button cannot be tabbed to Planned May 2020  
UACH-3924 Need to add advanced keyboard navigation to the Edit TA Rule page using ARIA role application Under Investigation    
UACH-4087 Lost color & border in the graph when using Windows High Contrast Mode Planned  Jan 2020  
UACH-4089 In Firefox, NVDA will not read the Add New School title of the Add New School dialog box Under Investigation    
UACH-4094 In Firefox, NVDA will not read the Last Modified and By tags of the Segment Details window Under Investigation    
UACH-4097 NVDA cannot read the Mask the Alt Course numbers or the Last Modified and By fields on the Home-Target Course Details Under Investigation    
UACH-4099 NVDA does not read the refreshing note on the What-if markers functionality, so the user has no way to know they should wait to make their next selection Planned May 2020  
UACH-4100 Need to add a border or make the graph highlight darker since the user's cursor is difficult to see within the graphs using keyboard alone Planned Jan 2020  
UACH-4105 On Exceptions from the Audit buttons, need to differentiate the message read by screen readers so they can tell the difference between Select and Not From lines Planned May 2020  
UACH-4106 When saving and running an exception from the audit, NVDA does not read that an alert is on the page Planned May 2020  
UACH-4231 When alt courses or flags are blank on a home-target course, they are still selectable with a keyboard but not with a mouse Planned Jan 2020  
UACH-4275 When drilling down into graphs, user focus should stay in the graphs area Planned Jan 2020  
UACH-4276 In Firefox, NVDA does not read the Change School Name title of the Rename School dialog box Under Investigation    
UACH-4277 On the IREF table, NVDA only reads the Close and 'X' buttons on the Course Mask Help modal Under Investigation    
UACH-4278 NVDA does not read the Accept Code in the Grade Definition Details Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-4280 NVDA does not read the Universal Code 2 in the Grade Definition Details Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-4281 NVDA only reads the Close and 'X' buttons on the Transfer Articulation Help modal Under Investigation    
UACH-4287 On an Add Course Exception, the user is able to tab to a whitespace area that contains nothing, but reads "out of table blank" using NVDA Planned May 2020  
UACH-4368 When clicking on a sub-requirement on the Academic Progress graph, only the first bar is ever selected Planned Jan 2020  
UACH-4386 Changing the frequency of a blackout with a keyboard causes a hard refresh that takes the user's focus back to the top of the page Planned May 2020  
UACH-4521 Need to make the PDF audit more accessible Planned Jan 2020  
UACH-4527 NVDA does not read whether the user is on the requirement or sub-requirement level when reading the Advanced Exceptions button in Exception Mode Planned May 2020  
UACH-4952 Default InstID/CD labels are not unique Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-4956 Effective Year form inputs need labels Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-4979 Student Search page - NVDA only reads two column headers out of five Planned May 2020  
UACH-4983 Remove role="column header" from table Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-4992 Remove empty role attribute from the "Return to list of exceptions" link Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-4993 Form controls in table must have unique labels Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-4997 Table rows do not describe which row you are working with Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-5000 XML form pages have tables that coded as a data table and should be a layout table Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-5007 On the IREF Table, General Tab, the Hide From Transferology checkbox is read as "checkbox" Planned May 2020  
UACH-5009 On the IREF Table, General Tab, the Grade Required checkbox is read as "checkbox" Planned May 2020  
UACH-5010 On the IREF Table, Default Tables tab, the Reference Record Only checkbox is read as "checkbox" Planned May 2020  
UACH-5016 Batch Schedule Start Date does not visually indicate to the user they are on the Close button Planned Jan 2020  
UACH-5173 NVDA cannot read bar chart titles Planned May 2020  
UACH-5176 In Exception Mode, exceptions with multiple tabs are forcing the users focus to the bottom buttons, which is confusing for sightless users Planned Jan 2020  
UACH-5259 The Delete a School trash can buttons do not tell the screen reader whether they are available or unavailable for selection Planned May 2020


UACH-5366 On an Add Course Exception, clicking the Next button starts the user focus on the bottom of the second tab Planned  Jan 2020  
UACH-5437 User focus is not visible when tabbing to the pie chart or bar graphs in Self-Service Planned  Jan 2020  
UACH-5438 The message generated after adding students to a batch does not get alerted to the screen reader Planned  May 2020  
UACH-5506 Remove role=banner on header tag Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-5507 Remove role=button from theme buttons Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-5508 Remove role=link from skip nav link Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-5509 Remove role=navigation from the Nav element Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-5510 Remove role=button from the two mobile menu buttons Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-5511 Add role of menubar to both the main menu and the selected student menu Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-5518 Forms submit without a button Planned  May 2020  
UACH-5603 Manage Audit page/Delete Checkbox - use FIELDSET and LEGEND elements to make label text content unique on the page Planned  Jan 2020  
UACH-5604 Manage Audit page/Select All/Select None - add roles to the element Planned  Jan 2020  
UACH-5605 Manage Audit page/Delete All - add widget role to the SPAN element Planned  Jan 2020  
UACH-5606 Audit Request page/Advanced Settings - ensure headings are properly nested on the page Planned  Sep 2020  
UACH-5607 Audit Request page/Advanced Settings/Click to View Available Options - adjust H4 heading to properly nest in MAIN landmark Planned  Sep 2020  
UACH-5608 Include In-Progress Courses and What-if Courses/Checkboxes - INPUT element shares ID value with another element on the page Under Investigation    
UACH-5609 Run Declared and Select Different Programs - add roles to describe the features and options of a widget Planned  Sep 2020  
UACH-5611 Labels - School and Catalog Year Label - change the LABEL with the FOR attribute value to reference a form control Planned  Jan 2020  
UACH-5612 Select a Different Program - What-if Degree Program has empty label Under Investigation    
UACH-5614 Program Matcher/View Submitted Audit - button must have appropriate role Planned  Jan 2020  
UACH-5615 Program Matcher/Submitted Audit Request - headings must be properly nested on page Planned  Sep 2020  
UACH-5617 Program Matcher/Run Audit/pnotify-history-pulldown icon - add role that describes user options and actions of the SPAN like "onmouseover" Planned  Sep 2020  
UACH-5618 Encoding and Batch buttons - use FIELDSET and LEGEND or ARIA technique to make label text content unique on the page Under Investigation    
UACH-5620 School lookup/input field - form has no button element Planned  Sep 2020  
UACH-5621 Add New School link - ensure headings are properly nested on the page Planned  Sep 2020  
UACH-5622 Number of schools found - add label to each row and column Planned  Sep 2020  
UACH-5623 TA - Sorting table has no label Planned  Sep 2020  
UACH-5624 IREF - headings must be properly nested on page Planned  Sep 2020  
UACH-5625 TA Table - headings must be properly nested on page Planned  Sep 2020  
UACH-5636 Form Controls in Transfer Evaluations need unique labels Scheduled 4.5.3 (Sep 2019)  
UACH-5641 Heading Tag Nesting order wrong in self service Planned  Jan 2020  
UACH-5652 Some requirements have not been satisfied - Text must exceed CCR (Color Contrast Ratio) threshold Planned  Jan 2020  
UACH-5653 Audit - Elements with event handlers must have roles Planned  Sep 2020  

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1  Current Status: 

a. Scheduled  = issue has been assigned to a specific release to be resolved

b. Planned   = issue has been planned for a future release, but a specific release number has not yet been assigned

b. Deferred = issue is currently postponed and will not be resolved

c. Under Investigation = issue is under investigation

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