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Accessibility Roadmaps


The Accessibility Roadmp is one type of document we maintain on every CollegeSource product to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to Section 508 complains for impaired users. The Accessibility Roadmap identifies gaps in product accessibility (e.g., those identified by the VPAT) and proposes reasonable methods of remediation with respective time frames for completion.

This tool sets benchmarks for progress and demonstrates a dedication to continuous product improvement.

The Accessibility Roadmap is divided into three areas: Vendor/Product Information, Specific Issues, and Additional Information.

Product/Vendor Information: The Product/Vendor Information fields provide detailed information pertaining to us and the specific product the Accessibility Roadmap is completed for, e.g., Product Version, Completion Date, Contact Name

Specific Issues: The Specific Issues box is where individual issues are described, categorized, and placed on a tentative timeline for remediation. Issue Descriptions should list major accessibility issues for the product, including gaps identified by the following sources:

  • The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)
  • Other product support documentation
  • By a third-party accessibility evaluation report, if applicable


The terminology used in the "Current Status" column is defined in the table below.


Terminology used in "Current Status"



What this terminology means


Issue has been assigned to a specific release to be resolved


Issue is currently postponed and will not be resolved


Issue is currently under investigation

Additional Information: Optional field for additional discussion of accessibility plans


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