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Transferology Accessibility Roadmap


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CollegeSource, Inc.

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Completion Date

Apr 16, 2018

Contact Name/Title

Melissa Brooks/User Experience Lead

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Release Timeline

  • 1.6.2 - Feb 28, 2017

For a history of accessibility fixes in past releases, see Transferology Accessibility Fixes by Release


Access to the specific issue details in our Issue Tracker requires a Support Center account--request one here.

Issue Number Issue Description Current Status 1 Timeline Available Workarounds and Other Comments
TFO-366 Help overlays are not read by screen readers    
TFO-370 Row and column headers have not been identified for Course List tables on the Add Courses page    
TFO-372 Match List - Zip Code issues    
TFO-784 Need to add additional themes that the user can select and save to their profile   Enhancement allows users to select from different color schemes and save a preferred theme to their profile. Since the alternate profile has a greater color contrast ratio than the default theme, any user experiencing trouble reading the default theme may select a more usable theme.
TFO-1010 NVDA does not read the pop-up error messages on individual fields 1.6.2  
TFO-1012 NVDA does not read the bolded titles of the Contact Us page 1.6.2  
TFO-1013 NVDA does not read the Thanks Your Message Has Been Sent page 1.6.2  
TFO-1018 NVDA does not read the main page on the green or blue path    
TFO-1021 NVDA does indicate to the user when a course has been added    
TFO-1023 Need to provide better textual information to a screen reader when filtering by price   The screen reader does read the dollar sign "$" symbol. Although the filter lacks detail, it is usable.
TFO-1030 When attempting to run an audit, the Confirmation checkbox cannot be completed with a keyboard because the Go button causes the checkbox to become unchecked 1.6.2  
TFO-1031 On the Favorites page, NVDA should read the specific school's profile instead of reading  generic link text 1.6.2 Tabbing starts with the school and then tabs through three options. Assuming users remember which school was last read, they can find the correct link they are looking for.
TFO-1032 Notification links cannot be selected with a keyboard 1.6.2  
TFO-1228 NVDA does not indicate to a sightless user that something new is on the page when an error occurs    
TFO-1229 NVDA reads the sign up boxes as "Invalid Entry Required," which is confusing to the end user 1.6.2  
TFO-1235 NVDA reads the manually added Course Title edit buttons as "button" 1.6.2  
TFO-1239 Most of the boldface text on the Schools Profile is skipped over by NVDA    
TFO-1240 The Distance edit checkbox is read as "button" by NVDA 1.6.2  
TFO-1242 NVDA does not inform the user what the clickable Note icons mean on the Matches page or read the Notes header    
TFO-1529 Tabbing through the FAQ questions gives no indication of the user's focus    
TFO-1530 Standardized Exams and Military Credits tab - Exam and Year text is not read by NVDA    
TFO-1867 NVDA cannot read the Font Awesome icons displayed for Import Requests 1.6.2  
TFO-1870 When entering the list of programs on a school profile, NVDA reads every single program in a mass list instead of waiting for the user to move to one of the links    
TFO-2980 NVDA cannot read the school link images    
TFO-3328 Several spaces between each video make it indiscernible where the user's keyboard is tabbing to    
TFO-3331 The FAQ question about the differences between the green and blue path contains images that are unreadable by NVDA    
TFO-3334 NVDA struggles to read all of the feedback    
TFO-3398 Home page - very low contrast    
TFO-3399 Contact Us page - very low contrast    
TFO-3400 Privacy Policy - very low contrast    
TFO-3401 Accessibility page - very low contrast    
TFO-3402 Terms of Use page - very low contrast    
TFO-3403 About Transferology page - very low contrast    
TFO-3404 What's New page - very low contrast    
TFO-3405 FAQ page - very low contrast    
TFO-3406 College Employees page - very low contrast    
TFO-3407 Log In page - very low contrast    
TFO-3409 Sign Up For Free page - very low contrast    
TFO-3410 Convert Account page - very low contrast    
TFO-3411 Contact Us page - missing form label    
TFO-3412 Can't Sign In page - missing form labels    
TFO-3413 Will My Courses Transfer page - missing form label    
TFO-3414 School Profile page - missing form label    
TFO-3415 Find a Replacement Course - missing form label    
TFO-3416 FAQ page - missing alt text    
TFO-3417 Choose an Option page - missing alt text    
TFO-3418 Will My Courses Transfer? - broken ARIA reference    
TFO-3419 Specific School Matches - broken ARIA reference    
TFO-3421 School Profile page - broken ARIA reference    
TFO-3422 uAchieve audit page - broken ARIA reference    
TFO-3423 Find a Replacement Course page - broken ARIA reference    
TFO-3423 Find a Replacement Course page - broken ARIA reference    
TFO-3425 Replacement Course matches - broken skip links    
TFO-3426 Course Matches - broken skip links    
TFO-3747 Screen readers should read F.A.Q. as "Frequently Asked Questions"    
TFO-3748 Contact Us page - NVDA reads between email and message that there is a box that is "clickable" and "should not be filled in"    
TFO-3749 Contact Us page - NVDA reads each of the headers as clickable when they are not    
TFO-3751 Course entry page - screen reader states there is a fourth column for the plus signs, but user is not told what that column is    


Deferred Issues

Issue Number Issue Description  Current Status 1 Timeline Available Workarounds and Other Comments
TFO-1528 On the FAQ page, the NVDA screen reader skips over the question mark image   Decision was made not to fix this issue.
TFO-1167 On the privacy policy, tabbing to the TransferologyLab logo causes it to shrink to a smaller size   Unable to recreate this issue; will reopen if it becomes a future problem.

When tabbing to Send Results button, there is no indication of the cursor location

  Unable to recreate this issue; will reopen if it becomes a future problem.
TFO-1079 Popular Courses - when user focus leaves the Date Range, the calendar remains open   Unable to recreate this issue; will reopen if it becomes a future problem.
TFO-1044 Find a Replacement Course - cannot use the keyboard to switch the search from Department to Search By Alt Course Or Iflg Instead   Duplicate of TFO-373 - Tabbing on the Find A Replacement Course page completely skips past the Search By Alt Course Or Iflag link
TFO-1019  NVDA does not read the titles above the displaying courses   Unable to recreate this issue; will reopen if it becomes a future problem.


Current Status

a.  = issue is planned to be resolved

b.  = issue is currently postponed and will not be resolved

c.  = issue is under investigation

d.  = issue has been resolved and released

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