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Accessibility Statement  

We at CollegeSource are committed to ensuring our website and our products are accessible to our users. We continually strive to improve accessibility and Section 508 compliance for all users. If you have questions or suggestions on access improvement, please contact us.

Two types of documentation are maintained in an effort to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to product compliance with Section 508: the Accessibility Conformance Report (or VPAT 2.0) and the Accessibility Roadmap.

Accessibility Conformance Report

In 2017, new standards were ushered in as the new WCAG 2.0. This update resulted in the VPAT being replaced with the new "VPAT 2.0," also known as the Accessibility Conformance Report. The Accessibility Conformance Report Template includes criteria from WCAG 2.0, EN 301 549 and 2017 Section 508. The 2017 Section 508 is also called the "Revised Section 508."

For more information about the VPAT® and to view product-specific VPATs, see our Product VPATs page.


The original Voluntary Product Accessibility Template®--the VPAT®--is a tool that was developed through collaborative efforts of the Information Technology Industry Council and the U.S. General Services Administration. Their goal was to develop an industry standard rubric for assessing the extent to which a commercial electronic and information technology product conforms with  Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, Section 1194.22 of which has significant overlap with several priority 1 Checkpoints of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0).

Testing Documentation

Product VPAT content is validated in the Testing Documentation, which presents evaluation methods and results. Each unique product in the uAchieve group of applications has its own Accessibility Testing Document. While we support all screen readers, our QA staff test specifically with NVDA; our developers use VoiceOver.

For more information about testing documentation, see our Testing page.

Accessibility Roadmap

The Accessibility Roadmap takes the identified gaps in product accessibility (itemized in the product VPAT) and proposes reasonable methods of remediation with respective time frames for completion. This tool sets benchmarks for progress and demonstrates a dedication to continuous product improvement.

For more information about Accessibility Roadmaps and to view product-specific Accessibility Roadmaps, see our Accessibility Roadmaps page.


Accessibility Disclaimer

CollegeSource, Inc. is committed to making its website and suite of products accessible through constant review and redesign, as necessary, to ensure that they meet or exceed accessibility standards and guidelines. We appreciate your patience through this ongoing process.

Third Parties:

CollegeSource, Inc., incurs no responsibility for third party customization or manipulation of an application that compromises the intended accessibility of a product.


Still have questions regarding accessibility features? Contact us.

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