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Community Questions FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are common questions that are individually addressed.

FAQs contains dynamic content that is frequently updated, so please check back often.

If you have a question to add to the list, contact us.

What is Community Questions?

Community Questions is a utility within the Support Center that enables you to ask questions of fellow users and gather meaningful answers. Features include:

  • Accepting/voting for answers
  • Adding screenshots or code blocks to questions and answers
  • Enabling email notification for specific topics or the entire site, and tracking which users provide the most/best answers

Who can use Questions?

The Questions utility is intended only for users of CollegeSource products and is restricted to individuals with a Support Center account. If your institution has one or more CollegeSource products and you do not have access to the Support Center, you may request an account. Or, use the following link if you have an account and forgot your username or password.

Why Questions?

An estimated 65% of exchanged business information is "trapped" inside emails, IMs, and side conversations. Openly sharing knowledge within a focused community can save everyone the time and headache of being asked (or answering) the same questions over and over again. Our hope is that Questions will become the primary space for users to interact and share knowledge. Using this powerful tool, some of the most common and interesting questions that our users pose can be preserved along with their community-provided and vetted answers.

Does Questions replace Issue Tracker?

No, Questions does not replace the Issue Tracker. Questions asked in Questions are posed in an open (not confidential) community discussion and may or may not receive a response from CollegeSource staff. For that matter, there may be no response from the community and/or no response may be timely, but we hope that the usefulness of the tool and the networking potential will draw a number of invested users into the space to help each other out. While CollegeSource staff will monitor Questions, we are not committed to answering questions there. Users needing answers directly from the CollegeSource staff should submit their question to the Issue Tracker instead of (or in addition to) Questions.

  • Issue Tracker guarantees a timely answer from CollegeSource staff
  • Questions produces answers from the community that are broader, more experience-based

How does Questions work? Why are some higher on the page than others?

Once a user has created a question, it is given a default status and will appear on the main page--though probably not at the top. Subsequent activity in the form of answers, comments, and votes will drive it up the page or (if there is a lack of activity) down the page. The same is true of the answers given by users under each question; the answers will move up or down according to votes from fellow users who find them useful (or not). This means the most active and community-approved questions and answers will always be near the top of a page.

How do I watch or stop watching Questions?

In the upper-right hand corner of each page, you will see a Watch button () that looks like an eye. Next to it is the prompt to "Watch" or "Unwatch" the page you are currently viewing. When watching a page, you will receive email notifications of all activity, including the detail of any voting, comments, etc. From the main Questions page, you can choose to watch/unwatch all questions. Alternately, you can just choose to just watch for activity on individual questions by clicking on a question and toggling the watch/unwatch icon.

Can I do anything without logging in?

Yes. Email notifications are automatically sent to anyone watching a question or topic. The email will show you the content of recent questions or answers for things you are watching, and you will be give context-appropriate choices within your email, such as "upvote" or "accept" an answer or even stop watching a specific question. You can also jump into the topic directly using the link in your email. Below is a sample email notification:

How do topics work?

When you submit a question, you are given the opportunity to label it with a pre-existing topic or create a new one. You can watch a topic to see any or all questions and activity related to that topic.

Can I delete or edit my questions, answers, or comments?

Yes. You may delete or edit your own questions, answers, and comments. You can also undo one of your votes. You may not, however, edit another user's questions, answers, comments, or votes. If you believe something has been placed on a Questions page that is inappropriate, offensive, unethical, or otherwise problematic, please contact us immediately.

How do I get the “Top Expert” crown?

There is no easy road to the top–only very special individuals may wear the crown! You must answer a lot of questions and get a lot of votes from users who find your contributions helpful.

How do I encourage others to use Questions?

The Share feature is a great way to alert another user to a question that you think they might enjoy following or to which they could provide an expert answer. 

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