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Add Busy Times


Busy times are blocks of time you designate as unavailable for class time, generally due to other demands on time:

  • sports
  • work
  • other weekly obligations
NOTE: Busy Times are not schedule-specific


Upon first visit, the busy time area will appear empty:

You need to designate busy times to incorporate into your schedule via the Add Busy Time button ():

Adding new busy time.jpg

[NOTE: If you've visited this area previously, click the Busy Times button (SM Busy Times button.jpg).]


Enter a Name

Enter a name into the text field for the busy time you want to create, for example "Work."


Designate a Start Time

Select a start time for your busy time by selecting from the available drop-down options.


Designate an End Time

Select a end time for your busy time by selecting from the available drop-down options.


Select Day/s of the Week

Choose which day/s of the week this busy time will affect by selecting respective checkboxes.


Save Busy Time

Save your created busy time using the Save button (). 


As you continue to add blocks of busy time to your schedule (1), gray time blocks denote unavailable scheduling time on your at-a-glance calendar (3). The current list of your created busy times is listed below (4), with the button to finish (2) at the top of the window:

Edit Busy Time

Click the Edit button (Busy Times, Edit button.jpg) for a saved Busy Time you would like to edit. Proceed to edit field parameters and Days of the Week.


Finished Adding Busy Times

To finish adding busy times and proceed to creating your schedule, click the Finished Adding Busy Times button ().




>>  Proceed to Build a Schedule  >>


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