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Add Classes


Several courses match the search string; choose from these options to Add Class () to build your list of courses:

choose class based on search string.jpg

[NOTE: If you've visited this area previously, click the Classes button (SM Classes button.jpg).]


Search for More Classes

Continue searching for more classes to add to your course cart list. The list of currently added courses display in a "cart" along the left pane (1). The list of searched classes is listed on the right pane (4), with the button to finish (2) at the top of the window:

Share with Friends (3) will not appear until you have built a list of friends to share you schedule with.

Click the + Class button () to continue populating the list of added classes (1). A gray confirmation bubble temporarily displays in the upper right corner of the screen to confirm sequential course additions: 

NOTE: The maximum number of classes you can add is 25.

Once your list of classes is established, it is maintained regardless of changes in terms.


Hide/Show Course All Course Details

Use the Hide/Show All Course Details button () to toggle the display course details about all classes (e.g., number of hours, course description) to determine whether you want to add it to your course cart. Alternately, you may hide these details to increase your viewing area for perusing course options.

Several pieces of course information display that are derived from the interface:

  • Number of credit hours
  • Course description
  • Pre-req/co-req information, if applicable (there is no checking in Schedmule at this time, so the application only states if they exist)

To Hide/Show Course Details on only select classes, use the respective Details button (SM Details button.jpg).


Classes With Friends

New in 4.5.1  Take classes with your friends! Adjacent to each course in the list of classes is a blue icon indicating how many of your friends are also taking this class:

Click directly on the button to see the list of which friends share the same class.

Show Classes With Friends

To display only a list of those classes that are shared with friends, click the Classes with Friends button (). The class list in the right pane updates to only display those classes with at least one friend:


(Learn about Sharing with Friends)


Delete Classes

Delete any class from the class list by clicking its adjacent Delete button:


NOTE: Removing a class does not remove a section from the schedule.


Finish Adding Classes

To finish adding classes and proceed to share your classes with friends, click the Finished Adding Classes button ().


Return to Classes Screen

You will be returned to the Classes screen in Schedmule, where you can preview your course cart, your calendar, and your sections:








>>  Proceed to Share With Friends  >>


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