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Build a Schedule


Once you've selected courses, you are ready to build your schedule:

[NOTE: If you've visited this area previously, click on the Schedules button (Schedules button.jpg).]


Types of Schedules

Two types of schedules include the primary schedule and backup schedule:

Primary Schedule

The primary schedule is your favorite schedule. Previous to the 4.5.1 release, the primary schedule was called the "default schedule."

Click on the Primary Schedule to view its details as displayed on the right side of the screen; Sections are listed below the calendar.

viewing a Primary Schedule.jpg

NOTE: Only one schedule may be designated at the Primary Schedule

  • The primary schedule may not be deleted, unlike backup schedules


Backup Schedule

You may save several backup schedules to serve as alternates to your primary schedule. Previous to the 4.5.1 release, the backup schedule was called "bookmarking."

  • Backup schedules are, by default, named incrementally by number upon creation
  • Backup schedules may be deleted, unlike the primary schedule
Make Primary

When viewing a Backup Schedule, you may make it the Primary Schedule at any time via the Make Primary button (Make Primary button.jpg).

Manage Sections

Easily manage all of your class sections in the Sections area below the calendar.

Rename Schedule

New in 4.5.1

Rename the primary schedule or a backup schedule at any time following these steps:

  1. Select the schedule to rename on the left side of the screen
  2. In the Rename text field at the top of the window, input the new ("renamed") schedule name

Methods of Creating Schedules

Two options for creating a schedule include building your own or via auto-generation.

Remember: You can come back and create schedules using the other option at any time.

  • Create Your Own

The Create Your Own option () involves manually building your schedule.

Learn how to create your own schedule here.

  • Auto-Generate

The Auto-Generate option () involves the Schedule Builder application automatically generating schedules for you. If you set up Busy Times in a previous step, classes that are available when you're not will not display.

Learn how to auto-generate schedules here.


Configure Preferences

You have the option to configure several settings to help generate a more tailored schedule. Otherwise, the default options are selected for you.

(If you opt to Skip this step, you will proceed directly to auto-generate schedules)

After schedules are created, you must wait until registration open to pre-enroll your courses.



When the window for registration opens at your institution, the option to Pre-Register () to push your schedule to registration becomes activated. You can push your primary schedule to the registration system at your campus:

  • Pre-Register appears inactive when the registration window is closed or if a backup schedule is selected

NOTE: You are not officially added into your class until your schedule is pushed to registration via the Pre-Register button. Registered classes are denoted as such on the schedule.


Any errors that occur will display on the left side of the screen in red, e.g., warnings, holds from the registration system.

Error message.jpg


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