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Full Section Details


The Full Section Details provides every piece of information known about a particular section to evaluate which section you want to add to your class schedule.

You can view the full section details in one of two ways:

  • Click directly on the class on your calendar (click again to remove, or use the Close button)

  • Click on the More button ()


Section Details

The full section details contain a tremendous amount of information about the chosen class section:

Numbers in red correspond to the following details:

  1. Course number - course section
  2. Course title - credit hours
  3. Course start time - course end time - day of the week
  4. Course start date - course end date
  5. Professor name
  6. Course location - campus
  7. Status
  8. Number of seats filled
  9. Number of seats on the wait list that are filled

    - Not every course section offers a wait list

    - "x of x seats available" is not a definite indicator of seat availability since registration has not yet occurred

    -You are not officially added to a wait list until registration occurs

  10. Pre-requisites (if applicable)
  11. List of friends in this section


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