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Below the scheduleSections of your classes are detailed below the calendar view where they can be managed:

Sections section.jpg


Edit Sections

Click the Edit Sections button (Edit Sections button.jpg). A new screen for managing sections displays:

SM manage Sections screen w callouts.jpg

First, select a class from the drop-down menu

- Classes available in this drop-down menu are the classes in the course cart from the Classes page

All available sections of the selected class populate beneath the drop-down menu across several columns: Status, Section, Title, Time/Day, Start/End, Seats (filled), Friends, and More.

The interactive fields in this table include the following:

  • Status: Two of the Status indicators have functionality: Available to Add + and Replace Section Replace Section button.jpg

Status Indicator Status Description
Selected Section status.jpg Selected Section The section of the class that is actively selected and currently displayed on the schedule
Time Conflict status.jpg Time Conflict This section of the class is unavailable to add due to time conflict with another event (e.g., class, Busy Time) on the schedule
Over Max Credits status.jpg Over Max Credits This section of a class puts the student over the maximum number of credits allowed
Available to Add status.jpg Available to Add

This section of the class is available to add to the current schedule

  • Click the Add button (+) to add the section
  • View the Primary Schedule and Sections area (on the right) to see the newly added class section displayed
Replace Section status.jpg Replace Section

The section of the class is available to replace another section of the same class on the current schedule

  • Click the Replace button (Replace Section button.jpg) to swap the new section for the current section
  • View the Primary Schedule and Sections area (on the right) to see the new replacement section displayed
  • The section that was replaced gets moved off of the calendar and back to the list of available class sections (on the left)
  • Friends: View the list of Friends who you've shared your schedule with that are also in this class section

  • More: Use the blue Information button (blue Information button.jpg) to display the full section details in a pop-up window

3  View how changes to the class sections affect your calendar on the Primary Schedule and Sections listings (on the right side of the page)

4  Finish editing your class sections by clicking the Finished Editing Sections button (Finished Editing Sections button.jpg). 


Full Section Details

View the full section details by clicking the blue Information button (blue Information button.jpg). (Alternately, click directly on a class section in the calendar view). 

Full Section Details.jpg

Remove Section From Calendar

Navigate to the section you wish to delete and click its respective Remove button (x).

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