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Schedmuleā„¢ 4.5.1 Release Notes


Date Jul 17, 2018
Issues 45 issues


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All Updates for This Release

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Issue Number Description
RWZD-739 Click on Auto-Generate - got Server Error
RWZD-582 The delete section button's aren't working in Schedule Builder
RWZD-19 When creating a schedule, handle the possibility that some courses do not span the entire term
RWZD-703 PeopleSoft - Department/Course Prefix/Suffix not working for certain courses
RWZD-699 Add ability to export calendar to iCal, Google Cal, Outlook, etc.
RWZD-721 Concurrent Course range label - Remove from Admin
RWZD-722 Change Exclusive-Or Preference label
RWZD-738 The "Share" icons and "Details" icons appear in the wrong place
RWZD-710 A student is logging in and seeing a schedule that belongs to another student
RWZD-737 When courses have linked sections,the label "Filled" appears in the End date column instead of the Seats column
RWZD-700 Add ability to email a copy of your schedule
RWZD-714 First Time User Page
RWZD-701 Allow students to share their schedule with other students within SB
RWZD-698 Schedule Sharing
RWZD-713 User Interface Redesign
RWZD-720 Update Lucene Indexes to use Course SISID instead of Dept and Course Number
RWZD-717 Manual Create/Edit Schedule Improvements
RWZD-728 Create A new SB_SHARE application functions so users can restrict access too the new sharing
RWZD-731 Schedule Builder - linked sections and additional issues PeopleSoft interface
RWZD-712 Upgrade Bootstrap
RWZD-716 Main Schedule/Calendar Page Improvements
RWZD-726 Update Schedule Builder Database to better handle multiple schedules
RWZD-718 Print View Improvements
RWZD-719 Auto Generated Schedules Results Improvements
RWZD-715 Course Search/Add Improvements
RWZD-733 Consideration: Banner's "wait list" functionality and schedule builder
RWZD-709 Allow students to share their schedule with other students within SB
RWZD-344 Busy Times Usability
RWZD-730 Mobile Improvements
RWZD-207 Make schedule builder main schedule page work w/o page refreshes.
RWZD-98 Allow the user to manipulate courses from the schedule rather than the list
RWZD-583 We need to update schedule builder so that the cart checkbox doesn't show up until a section is actually added to the schedule
RWZD-192 Would be handy if Expand All didn't disappear after selecting a course
RWZD-343 Preferences Usability
RWZD-696 Error when re-pushing to Schedule Builder
RWZD-702 Bookmarking several schedules in a row is causing a server error in schedule builder
RWZD-734 Tried to share schedule, got Server Error
RWZD-298 Applying and saving preferences forces the user to the top tab of the currently selected preference page instead of staying where the user currently is
RWZD-165 Busy time errors display inconsistently
RWZD-463 Setting a course to locked in the cart isn't preventing the user from deleting the course section
RWZD-433 Should not allow user to add time block without selecting day and blank description
RWZD-302 Fields are not lining up in schedule builder printer friendly view
RWZD-415 Schedules/Sections - The sort buttons appear in the wrong place for Start & End time
RWZD-384 Time Block Preferences - please change the "create-->Create & clear-->Clear" to match other buttons in the application
RWZD-448 The time block want to dont want scale is different between first and secondary time blocks


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