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How to Run a What-if Audit in uAchieve (advisors)


Video guide for advisors and staff on how to run a what-if degree audit report in uAchieve.


The following is a short video guide for advisors and staff  for advisors and staff on how to run a "what-if" audit in uAchieve to see how a student's taken courses may apply to different programs of study.

Generic Use at your Institution

Feel free to link to this video on our page, or embed it (using the Share icon in the upper right corner of the video) on your own site for your staff and advisors. Videos will be updated from time to time as new features are versions are added.

More Customized Videos

If you like the flow of the video above, but would like to customize it to reflect your unique environment, terminology, etc. download the generic video script document and feel free to edit and use it to create your own videos.

If you don't have time or resources to create your own video, contact us ( about setting up a services contract to create one for you.

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