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New in 4.5.1  Share your schedule with friends!

[NOTE: If you've visited this area previously, click the Friends button (SM Friends button.jpg).]

Now students can coordinate your own course scheduling with your friends' schedules. Manage your list of friends based on who you allow to access your (primary) schedule–in other words, you have to "push" your own schedule availability to share with friends. Once you have your list of friends established, it is maintained regardless of changes in terms.

NOTE: For security purposes, schedule sharing offers no user lookup ability or social media integration at this time.


Note that Friend sharing is not available if:

  • Advisor is logged in viewing a student schedule
  • The student logged in does not have schedule sharing permission (SB_SHARE) enabled


Two areas help you manage your friends list:

  • I'm sharing with
  • Sharing with me

Since there are no notifications or alerts in the new schedule sharing feature, be sure to check the Friends area of Schedule Builder often to manage your friends list.

Share With Friends

Build your list of friends via the Share with Friends button ().

NOTE: You must know your friend's username in order to add since there is no user lookup.


The new friend is added to the list of friends you are currently sharing with:


Once you've selected classes to your list, you are ready to share classes:

NOTE: Sharing classes with friends is optional–click Skip this step to skip.

Share Schedule

You can reciprocate sharing with a friend who has pushed a share to you via the Share Schedule button (). 


Stop Viewing

Stop viewing the schedule of a friend who has pushed their schedule to you via the Stop Viewing button (). The individual will not be notified.


Stop Sharing

To stop sharing with a friend who has shared with you and remove them from the list, click the Stop Sharing button (). The individual will not be notified.


Finished Adding Friends

To finish adding friends to share your schedule with, click the Finished Adding Friends button (Finished Adding Friends button.jpg).



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