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08/14/2019 Case Sensitivity Passwords


Beginning on August 14th TES will start enforcing the case sensitivity of users Passwords.

This simply changes the fact that previously if your password was “Password123” you could use “password123” or “PASSWORD123” and still be able to log into TES.  On August 14th you will only be able to use “Password123” to log into TES.  If you are not sure what your password’s case setting are but can still log-in to TES, you can change your password in User Preferences.  If you are unable to log-in to TES, you can use the “Forgot My Password” feature to request an email with a reset link. 

In addition to enforcing case sensitivity TES will now require you to use at least one upper case character and one lower case character in your password.  All new passwords will need to meet the following criteria. 

·         Passwords must be a minimum of eight (8) characters

·         Passwords must contain at least two letter characters and two number characters

·         Passwords must contain at least one uppercase character and at least one lowercase character

·         Passwords may contain special characters except for spaces, forward slashes, semi-colons or sequential hyphens

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