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08/01/2018 Group Reports Update


In an effort to standardize the features of Group Reports in TES the ability to send PDF versions via email and to show public notes were add in Equivalency Finder and in the Public View.

Ability to Send Group Report as PDF

The ability to send a group report as a PDF or as embedded HTML has existed in Equivalency Manager since TES 4.0.  With this enhancement we added these features to Equivalency Explorer and Public View. This also allows users who are using TES Group Reports in Transferology as Transfer Pathways to have the same email features found in the Public View.  

Show Public Notes

A toggle switch was added to the Group Reports that show in Equivalency Finder and Public View that allows for the public notes to be displayed with the corresponding equivalency.  This toggle switch must be marked to show before printing or emailing in order to show the public notes associated with the equivalency.  


For more information about Group Reports, Equivalency Finder, and Public View, please see the following articles:
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