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11/15/2018 TES Equivalency Export Gets New Institution Identifier Codes


Beginning 11/15/2018, TES administrators will be able to take advantage of an enhanced equivalency export. In this new export format, we are going to allow TES administrators to choose up to three (3) sets of institutional identifiers to be included in their export file. These identifiers are OPEID, IPEDS, and CEEB. As shown in the following screenshot, we are adding three checkboxes for these codes. These codes will appear after the “SendInstitutionCountry” column in the report.

In case you were wondering, CollegeSource collects and updates the OPEID, CEEB, and IPEDS code changes annually. We will not be adding any User-Added CEEB codes to our database, so if you have created “custom” CEEB codes at your institution, we recommend you use a secondary identifier to try to match those institutions.


For more information on the Export Feature see: Export Options

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