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02/09/2018 User Added Home Course Redesign


The User Added Home Courses screen in TES has been updated to look and function more like the rest of the standard drop departmental drop down menus in TES.

When a user navigates to the User Added Home Courses screen in TES, they are now see a catalog dropdown menu and a departmental drop down menu.  The departmental drop down menu defaults to the latest edition and the departmental drop down menu defaults to the alphabetically first department.  

The departmental drop-down is alphabetized, this means any user added departments will appear mixed in the list with the other departments.  You can tell its is a user added department after it is selected because a edit button will appear to the left of the departmental drop down.  

When adding/editing a user added department a check is preformed to prevent duplication in Department Name and/or Abbreviation.

When adding/editing a user added course a check is preformed to prevent duplication in the Course Code.

For more information regarding User Added Home Courses see: User-Added Courses

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