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10/13/2017 Add Multiple Course to Equivalency Groups


In TES 3.0 users could only add courses to Equivalency Groups one at a time.  In TES 4.0 users can utilize check boxes to add multiple courses at once.

Why the change?

In TES 3.0 users became frustrated when creating Equivalency Groups which required a lot of courses to be added.  Each time a user added a course, the page would need to be refreshed in order to display the change.  So if you needed to add 100 different courses to a Equivalency Group that showed a General Education Requirement, the group page would be refreshed 100 times.  This caused users to add duplicates, and get lost when adding large sets of courses.

How it works.

In TES 4.0 a check box is located to the left of course equivalencies in the "FIND/ADD EQUIVALENCY TO GROUP:" section on the Edit EQ List page of Groups.  Users have the option off selecting all equivalencies or choosing a selection of equivalencies and hitting the "+Add" to add the selected courses to the Equivalency Group.  

For more information on Groups and Group Reports see: Groups and Group Reports

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