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10/13/2017 Public View Updates


TES 4.0 introduced a whole new Public View.  For details on what needs to be updated see below.

New Public View Link

Clients who are currently utilizing TES's Public View feature will need to update the current link referenced on their websites. If the link you are using on your website begins with then it is still referencing the TES 3.0 site.  TES 4.0 public views begin with The TES 3.0 link will still function but please note any changes made to new CSS or additional data elements will not have an effect.

Updated CSS for Public View Branding

TES 4.0 uses bootstrap to help make the pages more responsive and we applied this same responsiveness to the Public View as well.  This means that there is a brand new CSS Template that can be used to apply Institutional branding to your public view.  TES administrators will most likely want to get the new custom CSS ready for when the links are updated on your site. Collegesource recommends updating the custom CSS field on Public View Management at or around the same time as the links get updated on your websites as both public views utilize a unique CSS format. 

Ability to Change the Name of Guides

In TES 4.0 users can rename the link for "guides" that appears in the public view.  This feature was added so that the link can be re-named to something that makes more sense for your users. Such as Transfer Pathways or Articulation Agreements.  To update this value enter the alternative text in the "Report Link Text:" field in Public View Management.

My List Feature Email Update

The email feature found in the My list page of the public view now allows a user to specify a contact email address that they are sending from.  This from email address then becomes the sender of the My List Email.  This allows for receiver to now be able to communicate with the sender directly from the first email.  All the courses from the users "My List" are also now attached as an excel attachment.  


For other information related to the Public View feature in TES, please see: Public View ManagementUsing the Public ViewCustomize your Public View LayoutUsing CSS to Style Your Public View


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