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Why Doesn’t TES Show the Most Recent Catalog for Particular Institutions?


CollegeSource makes every effort to ensure that our catalog holdings are up-to-date; however there are a number of reasons why they may not be current in every instance. We collect every catalog by permission of the institution.


The vast majority grant such permission, but even those that do are sometimes slow in submitting their catalogs. Another reason is that many institutions today keep a "living" catalog that undergoes constant revision, even after students begin taking courses within the effective date range of the catalog. These institutions sometimes clearly ask us not to collect the catalog until they are finished revising it. If you need a catalog that is missing, you should always submit a case to us asking that we try and acquire the catalog. We will respond with an explanation of why the catalog is not in our holdings and/or supply an estimated date on which the catalog will be processed.

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