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What if I forgot my Password?

If a User has forgotten their password, you can refer them to the Forgot your password? link at the login page.


  • The user can click the Forgot your password? link at

  • They will then be prompted to enter their e-mail address:

  • Click SUBMIT to request the password reset e-mail.

  • Check your e-mail for the reset message:

  • Click the link to open this page:

  • Enter a new password, and then re-enter it to confirm it, and click SUBMIT.

  • You will be taken to TES and prompted to sign in with the new password.

Users can reset their e-mail any time they like using this method. They can also change their password from inside TES using the User Preferences feature.

  • The other feature that is available in the User Preferences feature is the ability to select your TES homepage – called SET MY HOMEPAGE. This allows users to select a default homepage that will display immediately upon logging in. The options that are available are dependent upon the User’s assigned User Rights. Users with access to TES but with no User Rights assigned will have only two (2) options to choose from. At the other end of the spectrum, Users with every User Right assigned will have sixteen (16) different choices. The Rights assigned determine the pages that are available.

  • If a User that has defined a default homepage that is dependent upon a particular User Right, and the User Right is removed, they will be redirected to the User Preferences page and prompted to select a new homepage.

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