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User Account is Already in Use


If you forget to log out of TES or accidentally close your browser or browser tab, you may be greeted by the following message when you try to log-into TES.

User Account is Already in Use Error:



Sessions are configured to automatically log a user out after 5 minutes of inactivity in TES.  If you are currently navigating within TES, this is not an issue.  You are automatically logged back in when you navigate to an additional page within TES. If you have accidently left TES without logging out, there are a couple of things you can do to get back in.  

What to do:

1. Wait the 5 minutes for your session to be terminated. After the 5 minutes you should be able to log back in with no problem.  Keep in mind it has to be a full 5 minutes.

2. If you need back in right away, you can try to access a page in TES from your browser history.  This may allow you to regain access to TES without having to wait the full 5 minutes.  

3. If for some reason your account does not reset after a full 5 minutes have passed, you can contact customer support and one of our technicians will investigate the issue.  Keep in mind this may take longer than the 5 minutes.  

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