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Why Is the Course Description in a Foreign Language?


If you have been exploring course descriptions from regions where English is not the dominate language, you may notice that the course descriptions are in a different language.

No Translation Service

CollegeSource makes every effort to collect as many domestic and international catalogs as possible.  If we can determine the basic course information (course number, course title, hours, description, etc) we will add those courses to the TES database in the native language of the catalog.  However, translating these course descriptions would take a lot of work and would make CollegeSource responsible for the accuracy of those descriptions. With that said we have decided not to translate those catalogs because there are great tools already out there to help aid a user with foreign language translation. 


How to Translate

Users who wish to translate these course descriptions can use a multitude of other websites to get a translation of these course description. However, the easiest we have found is to use a browser based translation, such as the "Translate to English" feature of Google Chrome. The way this works is, when you land on a page in TES with a course description in a foreign language, right click on the screen where there is nothing else and select "Translate to English."  This will then reload the page with the foreign language being translated to English.  You can now view the course description in English and you didn't even need to leave TES.  The translation provided is don't via Google Translate.  While it may not be 100% accurate it is probably better than what you remember from high school Spanish.