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The User’s Manual documents the functional workings of the Transfer Evaluation System (TES®) from CollegeSource, Inc. Registrar and Admission staff, advisors, faculty, and CollegeSource staff may benefit from this manual.


imageTES is an invaluable tool for researching institution and course information for determining the transferability of courses from a sending institution to your institution. TES consists of a central database of datasets consisting of course details maintained by CollegeSource. These course details include course-specific information including the course description, the number of units/credits, prerequisites, co-requisites, minimum grade requirements, lecture hours, lab hours, the department offering the course, the version history of the course, and more. Course Descriptions can be selected and inserted into Evaluation Tasks and then routed to advisors and faculty evaluators for their review and approval. This process is tracked within the database, eliminating the need for a paper or an e-mail trail.

Building transfer equivalencies can be accomplished in a few, easy steps.

Equivalencies can be displayed on your website for public view. Several different reports are available that provide additional assistance with the transfer- evaluation process, including a comparison of two catalogs from the same (feeder) institution. There are also reports that let you review changes to your own catalogs that affect current equivalencies. TES can save a staff member working in the transfer evaluation process many hours per day.