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Equivalency Search: Private Note

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Equivalency Search: Private Note

Use the search by Private Note feature to select equivalencies based on the content of the Internal/Private Notes of your equivalencies. Enter words, or combination of words, to locate equivalencies with those specific words in the Private Note. Then click the image button. The search will locate all the equivalencies that contain the word(s). The actual Private Notes may have more that just the search text in the actual note.

Search the Private Note for “created”.

All equivalencies with Public Notes that contain the text

“created” will display.

The list of selected equivalencies based on the included search parameters (Private Note).

The visible NOTE? Icon indicates that there is a Public Note on the

selected equivalencies. All of these equivalencies have Private Notes as well.

This list of equivalencies can be printed,


e-mailed, exported to Microsoft Word, and/or exported to Microsoft Excel.

Just the current “page” is affected, unless the ALL PAGES checkbox is checked.

Click BATCH EDIT to edit the selected equivalencies.


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