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Equivalency Explorer: Course Title Match

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Equivalency Explorer: Course Title Match

This report lists potential equivalencies involving courses between your institution and another institution by comparing catalogs (datasets) and listing all of the courses with exact matching titles. You can look at these courses and either create equivalencies directly, or send them as evaluation tasks to your evaluators.


 Select the institution using the arrow button to the left of the row.


Click the arrow button for the school that you would like to review.

 Select a Data Set for the transfer institution:


Use the dropdown list to select the desired catalog year (data set).

 Select a Data Set for your institution:


Use the dropdown list to select the desired catalog year (data set).



 TES aggregates course titles with multiple matches and groups them at the top of the list. Examples include “Independent Study”, “Directed Study”, “Seminar”, “Internship”, “Practicum”, “Applied Music”, etc. If you would like to evaluate those, they can be added back in by checking the box and clicking the image button.

Multiple Match titles will not be added to the list initially. If there are titles you would like to add, check the appropriate checkbox(es) and click ADD to include them in the full list.

The list of courses with matching titles from the selected data set from the selected institution.

Click VIEW to see/review an individual course


This list could be several hundred equivalencies long. For the purpose of this diagram, the top of the list and the bottom of the list are displayed, with the “middle” omitted.

Click CHECK ALL to select all the equivalencies.

If you are feeling adventurous!

Pick and choose selected courses to create equivalencies to these courses.

Use this to create header information for ALL of the checked equivalencies.


to create the selected equivalencies.

 If you scroll to the bottom of this list, you will see an equivalency Header block.

 You can select as many of the proposed equivalencies (check the box(es) in the right column), add the Header information, and click the CREATE EQ(S) button to create equivalencies of your own with the other institution’s course as the source course, and your course as the target course.


 If you would prefer to review/create each equivalency individually, open the (proposed) equivalency using the image button.

These are the course descriptions for the courses with identical titles.

Click the footsteps icon to create an evaluation task for this proposed equivalency.

Use this to create header information for the equivalency.

Click CREATE EQ to create the equivalency.

Click BACK to return to the list without creating the equivalency.


 You can create Evaluation Tasks through the Evaluation Tracker Workflow using the icon.


Because you are looking at identical titles, this would virtually always be a one-to-one equivalency, and, therefore, a SINGLE MODE task.

Assign to an evaluator.

Add comments (optional).

Check the SEND E-MAIL ALERT? checkbox to send the evaluator a message that an evaluation task has been created.

These are the course descriptions the evaluator will see.

Click SUBMIT to create the evaluation task.

Click RESET to reset the task defaults.

Click your browser back button to return to the Equivalency Explorer.

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