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Match> User-Added Courses

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Match> User-Added Courses


Users with the Equivalency Manager User Right may create department prefixes and course numbers that are not officially in your catalog. These User-Added Departments and Courses can be used as “wildcard” or

“elective” targets for courses that transfer but for which there is not a direct equivalent. You can also use them to award additional transfer credit for a course from the sending institution that carries more credits than your institution’s course, etc.

 Select your Dataset.



MIGRATION link to migrate UAC’s to other datasets.

Select a dataset.

 Click SUBMIT to view the User-Added Department(s) and Course(s) that you have added.

The first time you enter this feature, there will be no departments or courses.

List of User-Added Departments.

List of User- Added Courses.

Click ADD NEW to add User-Added Departments.


Click ADD NEW to add User-Added Courses.


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