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Find Equivalencies attached to User Added Courses

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Find Equivalencies attached to User Added Courses

The list of User-Added Departments includes a list of the number of courses (#COURSES) in each department. The list of User-Added Courses includes a listing of the number of equivalencies (#EQS) that each course is included in. To see the equivalencies that are attached to your User-Added Course, click the #EQS link. The institutions with equivalencies tied to these courses will be displayed. Remember, these User Added Courses were added to an equivalency by selecting a dataset. To see the courses attached, you need to view the dataset that holds specific User-Added Course.



column shows the number of User-Added Courses in each User-Added Department.

Click the #EQS link to see the equivalencies where the User- Added Course is used.

 Click on the #EQS link to see the list of source/feeder institutions with defined equivalencies that include this target User-Added Course.


List of Institutions with equivalencies defined to the selected User-Added Course.

Click an arrow to view the equivalencies at a specific institution.

 Click the arrow for the institution you would like to review.


The search criteria are automatically entered to select just the equivalencies where the selected User-Added Course is a target.

Click VIEW to review/ edit a selected equivalency.

 The Equivalency Manager opens to that institution and the Home Course Search filter is automatically populated with the search criteria for the selected User-Added Course.1

 Click VIEW to review (or edit) the equivalency and make any changes that you would like to.


to retrace your steps.

The existing Header information for the equivalency.

The current equivalent courses and their corresponding descriptions.

The “paper trail” history of the equivalency, from creation, through any and all edits. Includes Creator identity, title, e-mail, date, and time.

Update the effective date range, the Public View status, the Public Note, and/or the Internal (private) Note using the EDIT HEADER button.


Change the equivalent course(s) using the EDIT COURSES button.

Delete the entire equivalency using the DELETE EQ button.

Any equivalency can be printed and/or e-mailed.


1 This method only identifies the equivalencies to that specific User-Added Course (from that specific dataset) within that institution. To find all equivalencies defined for a particular User-Added Course, use the Equivalency Batch Editor and enter the User-Added Course in as the Course Code (home course).

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