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Manage> Usage Statistics

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Manage> Usage Statistics

Have you ever been asked to justify the expense of a TES supscription? Have you ever wanted to see just how much TES usage increased on your campus after delivering a training session? Have you ever wanted toyou’re your equivalencicies in a snapshot or on a map? Have you ever just want to see how many things are being looked at in TES? The Usage Statistics in TES will allow to do all of those things. To view the Usage Statistics, you need to have the TES Administrator User Right.


There are two different output reports, and two new infographics in the Usage Statistics area of TES.

 TES General Use statistics

 Evaluation Tracker statistics

 Equivalency Count by State (infographic)

 Equivalency Count by Institution (infographic)


Select the report type radio button.

Enter your date range and/or your User filter.

Click a link to see the selected infographic.

Click VIEW to see the selected statistics.

 The two reports can be date-ranged and filtered by User.

 The two infographics are a snapshot of all of your currently active equivalencies.




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