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Evaluation Workflow: E-mail Address for Equivalency Details

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Evaluation Workflow: E-mail Address for Equivalency Details

When you create an Evaluation Task in the Evaluation Tracker Workflow, you can have the details of the equivalency automatically e-mailed to an individual or a group of individuals. The TES Administrator adds the e-mail address(es) to the E-mail Address: box on this page. Separate multiple addresses with semi-colons.


Set the default status of the SEND E-MAIL ALERT


Enter an e-mail address to designate a recipient of the details for any equivalency created in the Workflow.

Select the User to assign all of the Evaluation Tasks created from a Transferology account to.

 When an evaluation results in an equivalency, the full details of the equivalency will automatically be e-mailed to whoever is listed in this field.


 This is an optional function and does not have to be used. If the function later changes to a different person, enter this screen, clear out the old address, and add the new one.

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