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Customize your Public View Layout

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Customize your Public View Layout

 Set your Display Mode to ON or OFF.

 Manage the Institution Display Name to update the name to what the public would most likely identify you as. For example, if the official name of your institution includes the text “- Main Campus”, you may want to omit that, so that you don’t mislead prospective students into thinking your equivalencies are different from one campus to the next.

 Add text to the Read Me Text field to be displayed at the top of the Public View page. This is a great place for instructions, disclaimers, and anything else you would like those looking at your Public View to know about it.

 Your EQ (Equivalency) Default Display can be set to Show All equivalencies no matter what the Effective Date Range is, or to show Active Only which are those equivalencies with no end date in the past.


 Add an E-mail Address For Inquiries for users to contact your institution about an equivalency or to ask a question. Check the e-mail option box for the e-mail option to display on your Public View.

 Add Custom CSS to alter the colors and/or fonts used, to make it look like your actual institution’s data.

Add Optional URLs for links to your Transfer, Transfer Policy, and/or Transfer Appeals web pages.

Click here to preview how your Public view will look once deployed.

Control whether your Public View is available or not, without IT intervention.

Add Read Me Text to provide instructions, disclaimers, etc.

Set which

Select this encrypted URL and pass it along to your Webmaster.


Once they embed this link behind text or a graphic, your Public View will be deployed.

If your official institution name includes extra text (like “Main Campus”) you can modify the display here to simplify it.

equivalencies show. Add an e-mail

Add Custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to “brand” the Public View so that it matches your school colors and fonts.

Add up to three links to Transfer information on your website.

address and check the Display?

Checkbox to allow people using your Public View to submit questions to you.

Click SUBMIT to accept or RESET to clear any changes.

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