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The Support tab has many helpful features to assist with questions that you might have about the functions/features available in TES. There is an FAQ feature that has a list of commonly-asked questions and the answers to those questions. There is a link to the Community Questions feature where you can pose questions to the entire customer base of CollegeSource. You can also post your answers to others’ questions seeking the insight that you might already have. There is a link to (this) User Manual! There is a link to Movie Demos that cover specific topics in a quick, simple way. There is a link to all the free webinars that CollegeSource provides in support of TES and Transferology. There is also a link to the Contact Us feature that allows you to ask specific technical questions, identify issues, and/or propose enhancements.

Support> FAQ

The Frequently-Asked Questions list includes the most commonly asked questions about TES. The FAQ is available whether you are signed in or not.



One of the most technical questions is Question 15.

Question 15 is: How do I get my course equivalencies which are currently in my system (Banner, DARwin/u.achieve, Datatel, Jenzabar, PeopleSoft, etc.) into TES®?

The answer is:

You can export from your system to a flat

.txt file (vertical pipe "|" delimited). We'll import them into TES®.* For more information and to view the flat file specifications click here.

*Note: Please contact for a price quote.

The click here link will take you to the technical discussion of the flat file that can be used to import all of your equivalencies.

The next several pages detail those technical details.


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