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Support> Contact Us Form

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Support> Contact Us Form

The best way to directly ask CollegeSource any question that you have on TES is through the Contact Us form, available under the SUPPORT menu.


 If you enter the form while you are logged in, many of the identification fields will be pre-filled. If you enter the form when you are not logged in, you will need to enter all the fields manually – but you can still use the form.

 Point to the SUPPORT menu and click the Contact Us item.


Click the link to follow-up on an existing case (question)

Fill in your Contact information (this auto-fills

Select an Urgency.

Choose a category.

Add a Subject and a Description for your question.

Enter the Security Code shown, to prove you’re not a robot (unless you are?!)

Click the link for a new

challenge term if you can’t read the one displayed.

Click SUBMIT to send the question or RESET to clear the form.

 Fill out this form with any questions about TES. A case will be created and the appropriate staff member will be assigned for response.

o Enter your contact information (if it isn’t already filled in)

o Select your Urgency level

o Select a Category

Customer account information, invoices, credits, or payments

Product information, pricing or other sales questions

Technical support, including access or use of CollegeSource/TES

Sending College Catalogs and Files to CollegeSource

Production customer related tasks


o Add a Subject

o Add a Description

o Decide whether you want a copy – click the SEND ME A COPY checkbox to uncheck it if you don’t want one

o Enter the Security Code

o Click SUBMIT to send the question, or RESET to clear all the fields and start over

 If you are following up on an existing case (question), click the link at the top of the page.

Let’s quickly recap. The SUPPORT menu provides access to the following elements:

FAQ (All users – signed in or not)

o A list of Frequently Asked Questions (along with their answers) about TES.

Community Questions (All users with authorized accounts once logged in – also requires a Support Center account)

o The Community Questions feature is a forum where CollegeSource customers can connect with other CollegeSource customers to share their knowledge and experience.

User Manual (PDF) (All users with authorized accounts once logged in)

o The User Manual is available to provide documentation on all of the features in TES.

Movie Demos (All users – signed in or not)

o Movie Demos are available to provide brief, focused overviews of each particular topic. They are organized in the order of the Main Menu structure.

Webinars (All users – signed in or not)

o Webinars are available for all of your TES training needs. They are free and all are welcome to register for as many as you like.

Contact Us (All users – signed in or not)

o The Contact Us form is available to allow you to ask CollegeSource Staff your questions about TES. Submit technical questions, enhancement requests, catalog requests, or any other questions you have about TES.

Next section: A couple of Extra Tips on saving your username/password in your browser.

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