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Course Finder


Course Finder is far-and-away the most-used feature in TES. With access to hundreds of thousands of full catalogs and hundreds of millions of course descriptions, the resources available within the Course Finder are mind-boggling. The basic function allows you to use the Course Finder to locate course descriptions within the data sets from any of the institutions included in TES.


Additional features include access to institution profile information, the availability of a geographic search, an international search to locate institutions by country, and a specialized search component that allow you to identify courses offered by institutions that are accredited by a particular accrediting agency across an entire state. The Course Finder acts as the foundation of all of the other features that are available within TES.​

The sections below are organized by feature with an intended focus on how to accomplish specific tasks. Please feel free to provide any feedback regarding the structure of this manual so that we can make this as useful to our entire community as it can possibly be. Feedback can be submitted through the Contact link in TES.

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