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Course Finder (for Non U.S. Schools)

We do not actively collect them, but if an international school sends us one, or if a Client institution requests that we reach out to an international institution for their catalog, we do add them to TES. There are two basic ways for you to search for courses from these catalogs. If you know the name of the institution, you can use the simple course search, selecting the Non U.S. Schools radio button. The other way is to use the Optional Search and search by country which is described in the next section.

Let’s look at the Non U.S. School search.

  • Type the institution name in the box and select the Non U.S. Schools button and click the SEARCH button.
  • Click on the view button for the school you are looking for.
  • You can then use the data set dropdown to select the data set you are looking for, use the COURSE CODE or COURSE TITLE search to find courses across all available datasets, or use the Cover-to-cover catalog list to review a full catalog.
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