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Course Finder (for Non U.S. Schools)


TES does not have as comprehensive a collection of International catalogs as it does of Domestic catalogs, but if an international school sends us their catalog, or if a Client institution requests that we reach out to an international institution for their catalog, we do add them to TES. There are two basic ways for you to search for courses from these catalogs. If you know the name of the institution, you can use the simple course search, selecting the Non-U.S. Schools radio button (or the All radio button). The other way is to use the Optional Search and Search for an Institution by Country, which is described in the next section.

Let’s look at the Non U.S. School search.

Course Finder 1

This is the first step in the Course Finder

  • Type the institution name in the box and select the Non U.S. Schools button and click the Search button.
  • If there is only one match, the institution you have entered will display.
  • If there is more than one possible match, a list will display.
    • The DS? column indicates whether we have Data Sets in TES for this institution.
    • The PDF? column indicates whether we have .PDF catalogs in TES for this institution.
  • Click on the view button for the school you are looking for. 

Course Finder 2

This is the second step in the Course Finder



  • Use the icons at the top right to access institutional information.
    •  The Globe icon provides access to the Institution's official Website
    •  The Key icon provides access to the Institution's Transcript Key (if gold)
  • Use the DATA SET dropdown to access the collections of course details by catalog year.
    • Use the SEARCH ALL DATA SETS feature to search across all data sets by Course Code or by Course Title.
  • Use the CATALOG dropdown list to access full versions of the catalogs available in TES.
  • Use the Click here to request a catalog link to request a catalog that you do not see in the respective lists.
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