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Course Finder (Identifier IDs/Institution Codes)


In addition to searching for schools by name, you can also search by Identifier ID/Institution Code in the Course Finder feature. For example, if you want to look up an institution by their CEEB Code, IPEDS ID, or their OPEID, you can do so. The selection of codes that we have in TES currently includes IPEDS ID, CEEB Code, ACE Code, ACT Code, FICE Code, and OPE ID. 

Please note: Not all these code sets are exclusive of each other, and some contain duplicates even within the same code type. For example, the CEEB Code for San Diego State University is 4682. 4682 also happens to be the ACT Code for the University of Wisconsin-Superior. CEEB codes may also be duplicated even within just the CEEB code list because, as institutions close or consolidate The College Board may actually reuse/recycle that code and give it to another institution.

Search by Identifier ID/Institution Code
  • Type the code in the box and select the U.S. Schools or the All radio button.
  • Click Search
  • If there is only one match, the institution you have entered will display.
  • If there is more than one possible match, a list will display.
    4682 is the CEEB code for San Diego State University
    4682 is the ACT Code for University of Wisconsin-Superior
    • The DS? column indicates whether we have Data Sets in TES for this institution.
    • The PDF? column indicates whether we have .PDF catalogs in TES for this institution.
  • Click on the view button for the institution you are looking for.
  • Use the icons at the top right to access institutional information.
  • Use the DATA SET dropdown to access the collections of course details by catalog year.
    • Use the SEARCH ALL DATA SETS feature to search across all data sets by Course Code or by Course Title.
  • Use the Click here to request a catalog link to request a catalog that you do not see in the respective lists.
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