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​When you receive a transcript (or you are simply evaluating courses) from a school you have never evaluated before, how do you determine whether you should accept the credit from them? Do you first need to determine if you should accept credit from the institution to begin with (accreditation)? How do you figure out what the grade codes mean for a student on their transcript (what does "X" mean? What does "Z" mean? WHAT does "ZX" mean?) Do you need to see what an institution's repeat or forgiveness policy is? Where can I find answers to these question?

TES provides resources to help you answer all these questions, and more. The Institution Profile has calendar system, Carnegie Class, and Accreditation data. The transcript key shows the grade definitions and all of the other information that an institution adds to the back of the official transcript. The cover-to-cover catalog is a full .pdf of the official catalog, with all of its' attendant information. Anything else that you need is most likely available at the institution's website, and we link you straight to it - no need to search for the school's URL

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