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View Course History


When you are looking at a course (either after selecting it in the Course Finder, or as an evaluator in the Evaluation Tracker) you can click on the View Detail icon ([+]) displayed as part of the COURSE HISTORY to list all versions of the selected course.


  • Some lists are much more extensive than others depending on the available catalogs for a selected school.
  • In the above example (from University of Northern Colorado) you can see that there is an extensive list due to the fact that the course is currently found in every catalog in TES since 1994-1995. By scrolling through the list, you can see that that course has undergone a fair number of changes. The description has changed over time. The course initially included the Laboratory section as part of the course. In 2013-2014 a curriculum change resulted in the Laboratory portion of the course being broken out into a separate course - as has been the trend across the industry - allowing the students that satisfactorily complete the lecture portion of the course, but struggle to complete the Lab to re-take just that portion (or vice-versa).
  • This course history can help an evaluator determine the appropriate equivalency based on when the student took the transfer course, particularly if your institution's policy is to pull in the course for the term the student took it.
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