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View Department Sequence


When you are looking at a course (either after selecting it in the Course Finder, or as an evaluator in the Evaluation Tracker) you can click on the Department icon ([+]) displayed as part of the Department to list the sequence of courses offered through the selected department at the transfer institution.


  • Some lists are much more extensive than others depending on the course offerings in the selected department.
  • A red title will indicate the selected course.
    • If there are prerequisites for the course, and they are offered in the same department, you can simply scroll up (or down) to see the descriptions for those courses.
    • If the prerequisites are from a different department, you will need to go back to the Course Finder to see those course descriptions.
  • A reviewer can use this list to determine of the course follows the same expected sequence that a student at your institution would be expected to follow.
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