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Evaluation Tracker Workflow – Route Evaluation to Reviewer with no Course Attached


Do you need another TES User on your campus to determine if the course(s) should transfer? The footsteps icon representing the Evaluation Tracker (Image_058.jpg) is used to route the evaluation task to an evaluator for evaluation.

Use the icon to include all the selected courses. In this example, we want two courses (a lab and a lecture) to be routed together.

  • Click the evaluation tracker icon.


  • This sets up an evaluation task to be routed out for the determination of the equivalency for these courses. No course has been selected from the Home Institution (your institution) in this example.

If an evaluation request already exists, you will see that in the Course Finder 4 screen. Click the arrow next to an existing evaluation to view the details:

We do not recommend that you send a duplicate evaluation task (if there is a pending - open - evaluation). Instead, we recommend that you send an E-mail Reminder to the evaluators reminding them an evaluation task exists and to go in and review them.

  • Returning to the Evaluation task:
  • This is a Single Mode entry example. For a Batch Mode example, please click here.

  • You may select additional courses from either side of the proposed equivalency. In this example, we will be sending the courses themselves, without proposing an equivalency to any of our courses.

    • Click the Preview button.


  • The ASSIGN: drop down will list your Users with the Evaluation Tracker User Right and will have their titles listed. (See section on Manage> User Management for this setup.)

  • If you check the SEND E-MAIL ALERT? checkbox, an e-mail message will be sent to the evaluator, letting them know they have a pending evauation. Remove the check mark if you don’t wish to send the E-mail Alert. Make sure that all reviewers have designated as a safe sender so that the e-mail doesn’t go into their Spam/Junk folder.  

  • Add COMMENTS if you wish to provide direction, clarification, or reminders for the evaluator to consider while evaluating the course(s).

  • You may also add SUPPORT FILES if you need to attach a Course Outline, Writing Sample, or some other document to help the evaluator determine an equivalency.

  • Click the Create Evaluation Task button to create the task.


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