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Single Mode or Batch Mode


The difference between SINGLE MODE and BATCH MODE is how the courses selected to be evaluated are treated:

Single Eval Mode

  • Single Eval Mode is used to create a single evaluation task. If two or more courses were listed from the sending institution, a Single Eval Mode evaluation task will send all the courses together as one task to the evaluator.

    This is used for lecture/lab courses that should be evaluated together or any other many-to-one or many-to-many course equivalency.
    • This example shows two courses selected in Single Eval Mode. A single evaluation task will be created and sent to the evaluator.



Batch Eval Mode


  • Batch Eval Mode is used to create multiple evaluation tasks. A separate task will be created for each sending course listed. An entire group of courses from one department could be sent to the Reviewer to determine equivalents. If the SEND E-MAIL ALERT is selected, only one E-mail is sent to the evaluator assigned the tasks.
    • This example shows four courses using the Batch Eval Mode. Each course will be sent in a separate evaluation task to the evaluator.
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