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Course Finder

The Course Finder is far-and-away the most-used feature in TES. Use the Course Finder to locate course descriptions within the data sets from any of the institutions included in TES. Start by typing in the name, a partial name, or an abbreviation of the institution you would like to research. In this example, the institution’s full name is entered. You can also enter a partial name such as “Nevada-Las Vegas”, an abbreviation such as “unlv”, or even the state or city where the institution is located. Click the  Search  button or press the <Enter> key.

  • If there is only one match, the institution you have entered will display.
  • If there is more than one possible match, a list will display.
    • Enter your search text in the INSTITUTION SEARCH box.
    • Click the Search button.


  • Click the arrow icon for the institution that you would like to select.


  • Use the icons at the top right to access institutional information.
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