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Create Equivalency

Click the puzzle piece icon (image) to view existing equivalencies and/or to access tools to assist with the evaluation of this course. If more than one course needs to be evaluated as a group – for example as in the lecture and lab sections of a discipline like CHEM 112 and 112L – you will need to create the equivalency using the Equivalency Manger. The Course Search feature only allows creation of an equivalency with one transfer course attached. This example displays the 2016-2017 CHEM 121A course from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas – the lab was offered separately from the lecture.


  • If you store your equivalencies in TES, a search will be performed to see if an equivalency exists. As you can see in this example, no equivalencies were found for CHEM 121A.
  • If we look at CHEM 111, however; a gray puzzle piece is displayed in place of a gold one. This indicates that there is an equivalency for this course stored in TES.

Clicking the gray puzzle piece reveals the existing equivalency. TES searched the stored equivalencies in my account for this institution and found the equivalent of UNLV’s CHEM 121A to my institution’s course CHEM 1++ (a User-Added course).

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